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With Longer Spans, Higher Capacities, and Effortless Load Control

Freestanding Cranes - Workstation Cranes

Demag’s KBK freestanding workstation cranes are a proven and reliable solution for your lifting needs. Designed to handle loads up to 4,400 lb, our freestanding workstation cranes can be easily installed into your existing operating footprint, around machines or in a new area to provide instant lifting assistance. With spans ranging from 10 feet to more than 34 feet available with 10 different track profiles, Demag’s KBK workstation cranes enable you to optimize the working area below the crane, improve productivity, and make work more ergonomic.

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Learn About Our Workstation Cranes

The Benefits of Freestanding Cranes at a Glance

Effortless and precise control
  • Demag's freestanding cranes articulate to eliminate binding, especially when handling loads at the end of the bridge.
  • Long bridge lengths are available, up to 46 feet.
  • Patented articulating hanger assemblies and trolleys deliver effortless and precise load movement. 
Additional standard options
  • Our track profiles, standardized in one-meter increments, optimize the weight of your crane bridge and complete system. Track profiles are available in steel and aluminum profiles.
  • We offer the world’s largest selection of off-the-shelf components to customize your crane to your requirements.
Enhanced structure stability
  • Leveraging proven Demag engineering, we have developed an industry-leading reliable base structure that does not require cross bracing to your building or field welding. Our workstation cranes can successfully be set up nearly anywhere on a concrete floor where it will support the required anchor bolt force.
Proven technology

For more than 50 years, KBK enclosed track has been the world leader in this field and has achieved the prestigious Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA) certification.

Monorail Manufacturers Association certified logo. MMA is an industry group of MHI, the Material Handling Institute.

Configurations to Meet Your Requirements

Standard Portal
Demag standard portal freestanding workstation crane with an operator lifting with a DC chain hoist below.
  • Add lifting nearly anywhere in your facility.
  • Long bridge lengths and column spacing for capacities up to 4,400 pounds
Lamp Post
Demag lamp post freestanding workstation crane with DC chain hoists on the two bridges.
  • Column locations can be offset without headers to be placed within existing equipment with capacities up t 4,400 pounds.
Patented Cantilever
Demag patented cantilever freestanding workstation crane has one fully open side for full access for machinery, tools, and staff.
  • Allows free access on one side of the crane using minimal floorspace with capacities to 1,100 pounds

Complete freestanding crane and workstation crane solution

Our customers benefit from seamless product integration and improved efficiencies as we provide complete, single-point-of-contact, manufactured freestanding cranes including a complete line of chain hoist products.


Industries Our Freestanding Cranes Serve


At Demag, our quality workstation cranes can serve a wide variety of industries. No matter what your company needs workstation cranes for, we can provide an array of solutions for your lifting needs. Common industries we work with include:



FAQs on Workstation Cranes

Can these freestanding cranes be customized?

Yes! Our KBK systems are designed to meet the needs of your operations. They can be easily and efficiently customized with off-the-shelf components and accessories. Additionally, all of our KBK enclosed rail types can be connected and added to.

What types of cranes are offered?

There are three types of light lifting solutions offered. The first is Cantilever, which uses minimal floor space and columns only on one side, freeing up room for workers and other machinery. The second option is the standard portal, which can provide lifting abilities nearly anywhere in your facility. The last option is the lamp post, which features column locations that can be offset without headers to be placed within existing equipment with capacities up to 4,400 pounds.

Which factors should I consider when selecting freestanding cranes?

There are quite a few factors to keep in mind when choosing workstation cranes such as the required lifting capacity, the height or reach needed to access the load, the available space for installation, and the requirements of the industry.

How do you maintain safety and proper equipment handling?

Just like with any equipment, you’ll want to be sure that the doorways and aisles are clear when operating freestanding cranes, preventing employees from coming near or going under moving loads. You’ll also want to stay within the crane’s recommended load capacity to avoid accidents. Lastly, consistent inspection of the cranes before and after every work shift is vital. This also includes staying up to date with maintenance.

In what applications can workstation cranes be found?

Some applications that you may find workstation cranes in include the manufacturing industry, food industry, the construction industry, and more. These cranes can also be used in warehousing and logistics applications, since they are ideal for moving heavy goods, shipping containers, and other pieces of equipment.

What other products do you offer?

We offer a complete range of components for cranes and machinery, including radio controls, control units, power supply lines, and more. Tailored to specific customer applications, our diverse products are able to meet your load handling needs.


Why Demag Is Your Source for Workstation Cranes

At Demag, we recognize the importance of achieving efficiency and performance in your workplace. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reliable industrial cranes and deliver only the best results.

By choosing Demag for freestanding cranes, you receive the benefits of our core values, which include:


  • Reliability – Our trustworthy products allow you to focus on your business with peace of mind, adding value to your operations.
  • Dedication – Our solutions are robust, reliable, and resilient. Our team will gladly go the extra mile to make sure your processes and installations run at maximum efficiency.
  • Innovation – We have been innovators within the field for 200 years. Today, more than 800,000 Demag cranes and hoists ensure efficient and smooth processes around the globe.
  • Safety – We understand that safety is key to performance. Protecting your equipment and staff is part of our dedication to zero harm.

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