Demag cranes operating in tandem

Cement, glass, bricks, concrete

Material handling

Whether auxiliary materials need to be handled or finished products have to be transported, we have the right crane and industrial drive solutions for the building material industry.

Our crane installations are specially designed for operation in harsh conditions and are ideally suited for gently transporting and precisely positioning large-volume products. In addition, Demag drive units provide for motions in the individual steps of the production process.

Fields of application

  • Cement works/production of lime and gypsum
  • Precast concrete parts
  • Glass industry

Cement works/production of lime and gypsum

Demag process cranes are frequently used for handling basic material and serving bulk material stores. Thanks to overhead materials handling solutions, the available ground space can be fully utilized. Our fully automated process cranes ensure that the additives are efficiently stored and that the right blend is staged ready to serve the furnaces for each step in the production process. The Demag warehouse management system uses scanners to detect the fill levels of the material storage compartments and provides individually defined feedback.

Precast concrete parts

Customized solutions are also required for manufacturing of precast concrete parts. This demand is met by our crane installations for handling charging buckets in concrete plants and transporting cast concrete parts to stores and for shipping. Our travel units – consisting of Demag geared motors and wheel blocks – enable charging bucket carriages to be precisely positioned in the series production of precast concrete parts.

Glass industry

Demag travel units provide precise and smooth travel motions for in-house transport of glass products.

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