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Powerful and reliable industrial cranes, crane components and drives are our core competence at Demag Cranes. As one of the world’s leading crane manufacturers, we have been offering our customers a comprehensive range of solutions for their material flow and logistics needs for 200 years, enabling them to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and performance. Discover the world of Demag and all we can provide for you as your crane company of choice.

The Equipment Demag Cranes Can Provide

At Demag, we supply cranes and components for a wide variety of industries for nearly limitless applications. Key areas of our business include process cranes, universal cranes, spare parts, and rope hoists. Let’s take a look at each below to showcase how Demag stands out from other crane companies.

Universal Cranes

Our universal cranes are available in a variety of types to ensure your company gets the perfect equipment for the job. Our universal, overhead cranes for sale include the following:

  • V-type cranes
  • EKKE single-girder overhead traveling cranes (up to 16 tonnes)
  • ZKKE double-girder overhead traveling cranes (up to 100 tonnes)
  • EKWK wall-mounted traveling cranes (up to 6.3 tonnes)
  • Crane kits

As an overhead crane manufacturer, we’re proud of the varied benefits these cranes can provide. Some of the advantages specific cranes offer include:

  • Improved efficiency in handling loads, along with higher handling rates
  • Low-sway motions due to infinitely variable cross-travel speeds
  • Exceptional load capacity and minimum deadweight
  • Reduced load sway due to smooth travel characteristics

Spare Parts

At Demag Cranes, we’re also able to provide our customers with reliable spare parts to keep their equipment functioning at an optimal level. Some key details:

  • Over 11,000 items are available

Rope Hoists

The rope hoists that Demag Cranes supplies offer high handling rates, operation up to 100 tonnes, and exceptional safety.

Some of the benefits our DMR rope hoists provide include:

  • Five size options with load capacities up to 50 tonnes
  • Variable or two-stage switching elements
  • C-design or co-axial design
  • Various application types

Some of the benefits our DH hoist units provide include:

  • Three size options with load capacities up to 100 tonnes
  • Hook paths up to 104m
  • Rope lead-off possible in any direction
  • Reliable operation in harsh environments

Choose Demag as Your Overhead Crane Suppliers

Ready to work with a crane company holding 200 years of material flow and logistics experience? Reach out to the team at Demag today!

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