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Keep Things on the Move with Our Gear Motors and Wheels

As a leading supplier of industrial drive components, we offer a complete range of products including motors, gearboxes, gear motors, wheel systems, and power supply lines to ensure that our customers have the essential industrial drive technology components to meet their requirements. All components perfectly integrate for excellent drive element combinations and sophisticated controls.

Demag Wheel and Gear Motor solutions are designed to be compatible

We use our modular gear motor and wheel block systems to provide tailored solutions to meet specific sub-assembly requirements. This saves you valuable project engineering resources and gives you the certainty of reliable product specification when acquiring gear motors and wheels for engineered overhead cranes, transfer cars, tippers, indexers, bulk material handling, and other material handling projects.

So if you’re in need of industrial gear motor or industrial wheel solutions for your next project, choose matched motor and wheel block products from Demag Cranes.

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Complete Solutions from the Modular System for Industrial Drives

At Demag, we supply a wide range of industrial drive technology components in a matched, modular system to make incorporating or replacing parts as simple as possible. So whether you need gear motors, wheel block systems, or power supply lines, Demag can provide!


We can supply industrial AC induction motors to help you meet a wide variety of industrial and material handling drive and travel task needs. Our reliable and efficient motors come in the following models:

  • Z Cylindrical-Rotor Motors – These motors feature output up to 72 HP (45 kW), are specially designed to match our selection of gearboxes, provide reliable and efficient operation, simplify project engineering, and more.
  • Conical-Rotor Brake Motors – These motors provide high braking performance, resistance to temporary overload, require no switching elements, and need no separate control.

Gear Motors

Nearly endless combinations of gear ratio and standard components for high capacities, travel speed, and precision with Demag Gear Motors

Our gear motors are engineered to be modular to ensure that we can supply matched motor and gearbox solutions for our customers to meet their unique requirements. Our gear motors include the following models:

  • Offset Gear Motors – These space-saving motors offer a variety of gear ratios, high efficiency operation, full flexibility by way of 9 size options and 5 housing designs, and more.
  • Right Angle Gear Motors – These gear motors are compact and provide a variety of gear ratios, smooth operation, a large torque range of 89 to 8,900 ft-lbs., direct input or coupling connection, and more.
  • Inline Gear Motors – These gear motors have been designed for rugged applications, featuring a toque range of 90 to 550 Nm, a coaxial design, 5 gearbox sizes and 3 housing designs, and more.
  • FG Microspeed Units – These models are incredibly resilient to vibration and increased ambient temperatures, making them specialized for even demanding environments. Features include high switching frequency, maximum positioning accuracy, high-speed ratios up to 500:1, and more.

Wheel Block Systems

Demag wheel solutions are protected by the wheel block housing to eliminate external influences.

For customers who are looking for wheels and wheel block systems, Demag can provide numerous options as part of our industrial drive components. Our models include the following:

  • DRS-M & DRS Wheel Block Systems – This versatile travel wheel system offers maximum load capacity, high performance, many travel wheel shape options, a high-quality housing, and more.
  • LRS Travel Wheel System – Meet your unilateral motion requirements with speed and precision with these wheel systems which offer versatility for nearly any application, a maintenance-free design, an ideal design for low-clearance projects, a range of size and load options, and more.
  • RS Wheel Block System – For high-temperature applications, this wheel system offers efficient operation in hot environments up to 482°F / 250° C, a housing of steel or stainless steel, numerous sizes and load capacity options, and more.
  • DWS Wheel Sets – For rail transport, including heavier loads, these systems which can be installed in hollow profile sections, do not require complicated alignment in corner bearing arrangements, come in a range of sizes and load capacity options, and more.

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