Rugged, powerful and precise

FG microspeed units

Gearing up for wide speed ratios

Our FG microspeed units can handle tough applications. They are extremely resilient to vibrations and increased ambient temperatures. Microspeed drives consist of main and microspeed motors that are connected by means of microspeed gearboxes, which enables them to be used for wide speed ratios in rugged, simple and cost-effective solutions. They provide for:

  • maximum positioning accuracy
  • high switching frequency
  • movement of large masses in short cycles
  • implementation of extremely high speed ratios of up to 500:1.

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

  • Highly robust drive
    • Extremely resilient to vibrations and increased ambient temperatures
  • Rugged alternative to inverter-controlled AC motors
  • Wide speed ranges
    • speed ratios up to 500:1
    • wider mechanical speed range between the main and the positioning speeds than two speed motors
  • Up to 4 fixed speed steps when two speed motors are employed
  • Short cycle times
  • Maximum positioning accuracy

Technical data

Design principle

FG microspeed units
  • FG microspeed drive with main and microspeed motors (connected to each other via a mechanical microspeed gearbox)
  • Output shaft runs either at the speed of the main motor or at the speed of the microspeed motor (reduced by the gear ratio of the gearbox)
  • Conical-rotor brake motor as the main motor (due to the axial movement of its rotor)
  • Motor brake functions as a coupling in microspeed motor mode
  • Microspeed motor can be a KB or a Z motor – also for inverter operation
  • Microspeed gearbox offers finely graded gear ratios – from 4 to 125
  • The overall gear ratio is specified together with the selected motor speeds
  • U and Z configurations
  • The microspeed drive can be combined with the offset, right angle and incline gearboxes from the Demag modular drive system with coupling connection