Frequency Inverters for Drives

For demanding drive applications – from 0.55 to 560 kW

About Frequency Inverters from Demag

As industry experts are aware, frequency inverters for drives are devices that control the speed and torque of an electric motor in industrial applications, and Demag’s frequency inverters ensure that your motors deliver the performance you’re looking for. We also offer solutions for virtually all drive applications, including the most demanding requirements, with our Dedrive Pro and Dedrive Compact STO ranges.

Our Dedrive Pro and Dedrive Compact STO provide optimum utilization of motor output for variable speed control. The starting current is limited and the motor and gearbox loads are also minimized. Additionally, any mechanical elements, including crane girders and crane runways, are protected, and loads are transported smoothly and gently.

Details on Our Dedrive Compact STO Frequency Inverter

One of the Demag frequency inverters we want to highlight is the Dedrive Compact STO. It combines drive performance with maximum functionality to handle the most demanding drive requirements. Characteristics of the Dedrive Compact STO include the following:

  • High overload capability with up to 10 seconds/factor of 2 to every 10 minutes
  • Simple operation
  • Control characteristics for travel and lifting applications that are independent of the load
  • Effective use for 1.0 HP (0.75 kW), which is the recommended motor shaft output
  • High cost-effectiveness because of the low wear on the drive system
  • Protection against unexpected start-up thanks to the Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function

Advantages of Frequency Inverters for Drive Applications

  • Energy efficiency – Frequency inverters adjust motor speed to match actual load requirements, resulting in greater energy savings when compared to traditional methods where motors run at constant speeds.
  • Process control – Maintaining precise control over motor speed produces the most accurate output. With that in mind, utilizing frequency inverters allows operators to adjust motor speed to meet specific process requirements.
  • Soft start and stop – Frequency inverters offer smooth and gradual acceleration and deceleration of motors. This reduces the overall mechanical stress of the motor and the equipment which expands the lifespan of the components.

FAQs on Frequency Inverters for Drives

How does a frequency inverter work?

Frequency inverters adjust the frequency and voltage of the electrical power that is supplied to the motor. Working to adjust these parameters means the speed of the motor can be controlled, making driven machinery more easily operable.

What industries utilize frequency inverters?

Frequency inverters for drives are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, HVAC, and water treatment. They can also be utilized for various applications like conveyor system operations, as well as pump and fan performance where motor speed control is needed.

How do I select the right frequency inverter for my application?

When choosing a frequency inverter for your drive, be sure to consider factors like your motor’s power rating, the required speed range and drive type, and any extra specifications that may be required.

Why do I need a frequency inverter for my driven application?

Frequency inverters for drives are extremely valuable tools for motor control applications, as they provide adjustable speeds during operation, extend the equipment lifespan by reducing mechanical stress, and conserve energy even with ongoing use.

Overall, if you have an application where there are variable speeds and a need for torque control, a frequency inverter will provide the optimal performance for your application.

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