Simultaneous control of several drives

Dedrive Pro

Strong performance up to 560 kW

Our Dedrive Pro frequency inverters are high-performance components ranging from 2.0 to 750 HP (1.5 to 560 kW) for 380 to 690 V systems. They are the solution to satisfy a variety of requirements.

  • Infinitely variable motions for travel, lifting, turning and slewing applications
  • Seven range of outputs
  • Additional applications with supplementary options
  • Available as complete application modules

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

  • Simultaneous control of several drives
  • Excellent acceleration and braking characteristics
  • High level of safety: STO (Safe Torque Off) available as an option for all sizes
  • Rated output may be temporarily exceeded, if required
  • Special crane functions
  • Line reactor and line filter (optional) always integrated
  • Simple installation and maintenance

Extension options

  • IP 55 for operation in arduous environments (up to size R6)
  • Two different applications can be served by switching over parameter sets
  • Fibre optic technology for fast system communications with several inverters
  • Integrated speed and torque monitoring

Optional Functions

  • Communications modules for field bus network
  • Extension modules to add control inputs and outputs as well as speed encoder evaluation
  • External PTC thermistor evaluation
  • Keypad terminal for parameter programming and commissioning
  • Motor potentionmeter via keypad terminal
  • DriveWindow PC software for convenient parameter programming and diagnosis as well as visualization


  • Control of cylindrical and conical-rotor motors
  • Automatic parameter identification
  • Direct torque control with or without encoder for fast compensation when loads change
  • Speed and torque monitoring
  • Innovative function for smooth acceleration
  • Two switchable data sets (e.g. control, ramp or motor switchover)
  • Setpoint memory, setpoint steps (4-stage) and analogue bipolar/unipolar control modes
  • Programmable joystick characteristics
  • Load-dependent speed for hoist operation with field weakening
  • Load spectrum calculation (dependant on speed)
  • Speed or torque control freely selectable
  • Master/slave function, electronic gearbox and closed-loop control
  • Intelligent braking logic system for brake monitoring by evaluation of the corresponding feedback contacts
  • Comprehensive diagnosis functions

Technical data


  • Motor outputs from 2.0 to 750 HP  (1.5 to 560 kW)
  • Rated voltage: 380 – 415 V, 380 – 500 V, 525 – 690 V (+/-10%)
  • 1.5 times overload capability for 60 seconds
  • Short-circuit/earth-fault resistant motor circuit output
  • CE, CSA and UL listed
  • IP 55 enclosure up to size R6 (optional)
  • Master/slave capable (fibre optic, optional)
  • Integrated line filter (optional)
  • Integrated line reactor
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Evaluation of motor temperature detector