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Reliable, High-Performance Industrial Hoists

Our chain hoists offer outstanding performance, reliability and a high level of operating safety. No matter what application your facility needs to fulfill with our hoist cranes, our units can perform with precision.

Demag DC-Pro chain hoists,certified by the Hoist Manufacturers Institute, include many innovative equipment features as standard. We offer a variety of chain hoist units in our industrial hoist line in finely graded load capacities ranging from 275 lbs. to 11,000 lbs. (125 kg to 5,000 kg).

See all the performance benefits on the product pages below and be sure to contact our team with any questions you may have. You can also view our informative video featuring our modular DMR rope hoist.

Our Hoist Units

Here at Demag Cranes, we’re proud to offer diverse hoists that can fulfill key needs for our clients’ industrial needs. Check out our offerings below to find the perfect hoist unit for your company.

Rope Hoists

Our rope hoist units feature safe operation, high handling rates and cost-effective operation for up to 100 tons. Let’s take a look at specific models and features below:

  • DVR Rope Hoists – Compact, versatile, and high performance rope hoist units for standard lifting requirements. Lift from 1 to 80 tons with variable speed lifting and travel.
  • DH Hoist Units – These units can be utilized in a variety of key applications, both as traveling hoists and as stationary units. Benefits include three size options with a load capacity up to 100 tonnes, rope lead-off possible for any direction, hook path up to 104m, space-saving design, and more.

For full details on these units, be sure to visit their individual sections on our rope hoists page.

Chain Hoists

We provide a wide array of chain hoists to ensure our customers can get the perfect industrial hoist to fit their application. Our product line includes the following models:

  • DC-Pro Chain Hoist – These crane hoist units feature two lifting speeds as standard, aluminum housing components with powder coating, a suitability for tandem operation, regenerative braking, and more.
  • DCS-Pro Chain Hoist – For maximum precision, choose our DCS-Pro units, which feature exceptional control at slow speeds, load capacities of up to 5,500 lbs., automatic switchover, precise positioning, and more.
  • DC-Com Chain Hoist – These reliable industrial hoist units feature ergonomic handling, 24 V contactor control, two hoist speeds, interface for electric travel, and more.
  • DCMS-Pro Manulift – Benefits of this model include infinite variable speed control, precision at low speed, smooth starting and exact positioning, a motor temperature monitoring device, and more.
  • DC-Wind Chain Hoist – These industrial hoists feature convenient operation through fast main lifting speed, transport for loads up to 3,300 lbs., hook paths up to 590 feet, an ergonomic control pendant, and more.
  • Trolleys for DC Chain Hoists – These hoist units feature a variety of trolley types for specific applications, including U-type, E-type, click-fit, smooth-running KBK, low-headroom, and double chain.

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