Crane Sets for Overhead Cranes

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Hall Cranes and Sets for Overhead Cranes

At Demag, we pride ourselves on providing you with overhead and bridge cranes with the best performance quality. As the world's leading overhead crane manufacturer, we offer cranes that can give you the greatest efficiency.

Our overhead cranes for sale drive quality, efficiency, and reliability for your facility. Every crane and crane component reflects our vast engineering expertise and industry experience.

Demag’s overhead crane portfolio includes single- and double-girder overhead traveling cranes and suspension cranes. In addition to standard cranes with welded box-section girders, we offer solutions with rolled steel sections, wall-mounted traveling cranes, and crane sets. With such a wide variety of products available, you are guaranteed to find something to meet your needs and help you improve your facility’s operations.

If you are in need of an overhead crane or crane sets for overhead cranes, you can rely on us for the right equipment! Demag offers user-friendly assembly and innovative designs that are beneficial for many different industries.

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Benefits of Our Crane Sets for Bridge Cranes

Crane sets for bridge cranes include mechanical, electrical, and structural elements that are necessary for the safe and efficient operation of a crane. Having a crane set for bridge cranes can lead to the most efficient material handling because the crane set encourages precise movement within any sized space. This results in increased productivity and less time spent on manual handling.

Learn about the other benefits of using crane sets for overhead cranes:


  • Safety – Overhead cranes are equipped with special safety features like limit switches, emergency stop buttons, and overload protection to help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of all operators.
  • Maximized floor space – Overhead cranes operate in a vertical plane which allows the maximum use of floor space.

Overall, a crane set for overhead cranes is the best way to get all of the parts you need for your application. Here are some of the reasons you would want to use them in your space:


  • Compatibility – If you buy a crane set for your overhead crane, you can be confident knowing all of the parts work together easily.
  • Compliance – Using a crane set for bridge cranes is helpful because it will ensure that the final product meets industry standards and regulations, reducing the possibility of fines and legal liabilities.

Overall, a crane set for overhead cranes leads to a safer and more efficient way to handle material operations. This makes it an essential tool in industrial settings and is a great advantage to your business’s operations.