Crane Sets for Wall-Mounted Travelling Cranes

Overhead Cranes Taking Efficiency to a Whole New Level

Wall-Mounted Cranes – Superior for Workplace Processes

As overhead cranes, wall-mounted travelling cranes are the ideal workstation crane for stations behind one another. They transport material to the individual workstations and simultaneously perform positioning tasks at the assembly stations. They travel below the level of overhead cranes on overlapping crane runway rails along the building wall. Demag offers fully configured crane sets for wall-mounted travelling cranes.

Other features of Demag wall-mounted crane sets:

  • Jib lengths up to 12 m
  • Load capacities up to 6.3 t
  • Can be operated either via a wired control switch or wirelessly
  • Trolleys made of Demag drive components
  • Travelling hoist optionally with DVR rope hoist or with DC chain hoist on cantilever bracket

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Wall-Mounted Crane Product Information

The Benefits of Wall-Mounted Overhead Cranes

High stability

  • System strength due to closed box section

Excellent travel characteristics

  • Smooth traveling under high loads thanks to the smallest tolerances for runway errors, misalignment and alignment
  • Low-vibration operation due to horizontal travel units and vertical travel units made of torsionally stiff, closed box section
  • Vertical travel unit with perfectly coordinated Demag components
  • Excellent driving dynamics thanks to Demag offset geared motor (pole-changing or variable speed with frequency inverter)
  • Gentle and radial force-free torque transmission by coupling the drive to the wheel block
  • Maintenance-free Demag DRS wheel blocks with self-lubricating spheroidal-graphite iron travel wheels for minimal crane runway and travel wheel wear

Travelling hoist with versatile rope hoist

  • DVR monorail hoist
  • Optimal use of space and height thanks to compact design (low approach dimensions and large hook path)
  • Low-swing transport due to infinitely variable lifting and travel
  • Service-friendly operation facilitated by comprehensive monitoring via app

Ergonomic controls

  • For low-fatigue, safe handling
  • Optional extras: DRC wireless controls with variable-frequency transmission for undisturbed transmission and reception

Optional tandem operation

  • For transporting particularly heavy and bulky loads
  • Master-slave control of both cranes with one transmitter
  • Synchronized safety cut-off of both cranes

System integration

  • Integration into overall intralogistics concepts

Modular design

  • Highest quality and reliability thanks to components from the Demag modular system

Technical Data

Max. load capacity [t] 6.3
Max. jib length LKr [m] 12
Crane travel speeds [m/min] 60
Max. cross-travel speed [m/min] 32
Max. lifting speed [m/min] 12.5

Other technical data on request


Load capacity Outreach [m]
[t] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
0.5  ■
1.0  ■
1.6  ■
2.0  ■

More About Our Wall-Mounted Overhead Cranes

Here at Demag, our wall-mounted jib cranes offer a practical and space-saving solution for material handling. Not only do these wall-mounted cranes provide a diverse range of benefits, but they are the go-to choice for streamlining operations.

Some of the uses and applications of our wall-mounted overhead cranes include:

  • Material handling in workspaces – Demag’s wall-mounted jib cranes are useful for moving heavy loads within a smaller space with precise control. Our machinery provides extensive maneuverability when handling loads ensuring improved efficiency.
  • Loading and unloading of trucks – As noted above, wall-mounted jib cranes are strategically engineered to be positioned to cover a broad area making them ideal for loading and unloading of materials on and off of trucks.
  • Assembly line assistance – One of the many benefits of wall-mounted cranes is their reliable means of lifting and positioning components. Not only does this make the assembly process more efficient, but it reduces injuries in the workplace.

Contact Us Today for Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes

If you’re looking for a practical and cost-effective solution for your material handling needs, Demag has the wall-mounted overhead cranes for you. If you have questions or want to learn more about our wall-mounted cranes, contact our team today!