Top Running Crane Sets for Overhead Traveling Cranes

Overhead Traveling Cranes with an Optimized Design

Single-girder and double-girder overhead traveling cranes offer maximum stability with optimized dead weight. This minimizes the load on the crane runway, and enables a crane to be set up in a cost-effective design. With Demag crane components and preconfigured crane sets, our crane construction partners manufacture cranes that are tailored precisely to your requirements.

We also offer a wide range of hoists, from chain hoists to 80t wire rope hoists, with the basic variant to the smart high-end solution with intelligent assistance functions. In addition, overhead traveling cranes have excellent crane geometry that ensures excellent travel characteristics and enables precise adaptation to the contours of the envelope for greater efficiency and ease of use.

What else distinguishes overhead traveling cranes?

  • Crane girder made of torsionally rigid box-type girder section or sturdy profile-section girder according to DIN standard for optimal load distribution
  • Crane gantries in torsionally stiff design for top or side connection
  • Hoists with a wide range of configuration options:
    • DVR rope hoist up to 80 t
    • DC chain hoist with up to 5 t
  • Minimized sway with load movement thanks to stepless cross-travel

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Traveling Crane Product Information

The benefits at a glance

High stability and system strength

  • Torsionally rigid trolleys optimized for overhead crane applications, optionally with top or side connection
    • up to wheel size Ø 250 in profile version
    • from wheel size Ø 320 as welded box-section girder with bulkhead plates
  • Flange travel wheels designed according to EN1563 GJS 700-2
  • Optimal travel characteristics with minimal wear on the crane runway and wheels

Extremely cost-effective

  • Rope hoists with extensive equipment options (e.g., electrical system, assistance functions)
  • Chain hoists from the DC generation portfolio up to 5t load capacity
  • Optimal utilization of the available height and space thanks to compact traveling hoist design with low approach dimensions and large hook path
  • Reduced construction and operating costs due to optimized designs
  • Accessible traveling hoist for easier maintenance and servicing of hall installations (optional for double-girder cranes)

Efficient performance

  • Low wear of crane runway and wheels thanks to maintenance-free drives
  • DEA: Demag Equipment App for system monitoring and parametrization
  • Power supply to the traveling hoist via highly flexible flat cable with protective conductor
  • Optional extras: Power chain system for energy and signal transmission
  • Optional extras: Wireless controls with display
  • Service-friendly commissioning and parametrization of the inverters via Bluetooth via app

Technical data

Load capacity up to 16 t
Load capacity up to 80 t
Runway gauge up to 35 m
 Crane travel speed up to 60 m/min
Cross-travel speed up to 32 m/min
Lifting speed up to 12.5 m/min

Overhead crane designs

EKKE design variants

Designs for optimal adaptation to the hall contour

Equipment options

With a wide range of equipment options, we adapt our hall or overhead cranes to your individual requirements:

  • Control via wired switch
  • Control via bidirectional radio control
  • Frequency-controlled drives help prevent sway
  • Crane gantries with horizontal guide rollers reduce the skewing forces applied on the crane runway
  • Operating limit switch or optional slack rope control protects hoist and load from damage
  • Intelligent assistance functions for safer and more efficient operation
  • Bypass control prevents collisions with obstacles in the travel range of the traveling hoist
  • Anti-collision and crane spacing devices enable safe operation of several cranes on one runway
  • Crane equipment with two traveling hoists helps with long and bulky loads
  • Extensive range of lifting devices for a wide range of requirements

FAQs on Crane Sets for Overhead Traveling Cranes

What are the key components of a an overhead traveling crane set?

There are many components that make up an overhead traveling crane set. While it can depend on the application, the typical components include the bridge (main girder), end trucks, hoist, trolley, runway beans, and electrical controls. However, some additional components include festoon systems and safety devices.

What types of traveling cranes are available in crane sets?

Crane sets can be tailor-made for various types of overhead traveling cranes including single/double girder cranes, gantry cranes, and other types of cranes. Before determining the crane and set needed, it is important to consider the specific application and load requirements.

How do I choose the right crane set for my application?

A crane manufacturer or specialist can help determine the crane set that is most suitable for a project. Some of the factors to consider include lifting capacity, span length, lifting heigh, duty cycle, and the material type being handled.

What safety features are included in overhead traveling cranes?

Safety features are an integral part of the design and engineering process of crane sets for traveling cranes. Common safety features include overload protection, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, anti-collision devices, warning alarms, and more. These features ensure safe and smooth crane operation and enhance the safety of both the equipment and the employees operating it.

How often should I perform maintenance on a crane set?

Typically, a preventive maintenance schedule is established to ensure the proper functionality of your overhead traveling crane set. Depending on the application, maintenance may be required more frequently, with factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and manufacturer recommendations playing a role. Be sure to consult with the manufacturer for specific care and maintenance requirements.

What are the power requirement for crane sets for traveling cranes?

Crane sets for traveling cranes are powerful pieces of machinery and require sufficient electrical power. Specifically, the power is crucial for the operations of the hoist, trolley, and other components. The power requirements will depend on the applicable crane specifications.

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