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Reliable, High-Performance Crane Components

From crane solutions for small workshops to organization wide material logistic concepts for large manufacturers, our overhead industrial cranes can be used as a load transport solution for a variety of companies. Designed to meet specific customer requirements, our high-performance cranes are efficient, reliable and maximize safety in every application.

So if you’re in the market for overhead industrial cranes, you can rely on our equipment to give you the right crane for every application. With innovative designs and user-friendly assembly, our cranes can be valuable components for businesses in industries such as:

  • Cement
  • Glass
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Concrete
  • Bricks

For more information about the overhead cranes we carry, simply reach out to us today with specific details about what kind of load you need to lift. From there, we’ll be able to collaborate with you and your team and supply recommendations and more information about each of our crane components.

Promoting Safety and Effectiveness with Our Line of Industrial Cranes

Here at Demag Cranes, we’re proud to carry a versatile line of overhead industrial cranes that serve a multitude of purposes. When you utilize the customized software and user-friendly visualization systems that accompany each crane, you’ll be in full control.

Universal Cranes

Our universal overhead cranes are designed with a number of features and assistance functions. And with integrations for safety standards included in each crane, you’ll be able to dedicate your focus fully on your business and processes.

If you’re looking for overhead cranes, our line is suitable for nearly every application. Below are details on just a few of our universal cranes. To learn more about our full product line, feel free to read our online brochure or reach out to one of our representatives.

  • EKKE Single-Girder – With a load capacity of up to 16 tons, the EKKE helps maximize your efficiency while delivering the cost-effective solution with proven Demag technology. Designed to meet your lifting needs, our hoist options can deliver high handling speeds and extended service life.
  • EKWK Single-Girder – Especially useful for adjacent workplaces, the EKWK can adapt to many different load configurations. Unlike other crane components, this overhead resource is wall-mounted and can reach a distance of more than 35 feet.
  • ZKKE Double-Girder – Ideal for travel applications with heavy loads, our double-girder overhead traveling cranes maximize efficiency and performance. When lifting the heaviest loads, the optimized lifting height and sensitive load handling make the ZKKE Double-Girder crane a solid solution.

For more information, please visit our Universal Cranes page.

Components for Cranes

In addition to the variety of industrial cranes we carry, we also provide other components for cranes in the form of multi-purpose winches. These cost-effective solutions come in a number of optimized designs that meet your specific crane requirements.

  • MPW Open Winch Units – These trolleys are user-friendly assets to any operation, as they can be easily assembled and maintained. In addition to this convenience, these units also provide strong performance in the form of high load capacity and lifting ranges.
  • MPW Open Winch Trolleys – With a modular design, our MPW trolleys deliver reliable operation and eliminate unnecessary interface connections to reduce field start-up times. Designed to be easy to maintain, MPW open winch trolleys are crafted to meet your specific needs.

To learn more about our multi-purpose winches, head over to our Components for Cranes page.

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