MPW open winch units

Compact, robust, high performance

MPW open winch units

MPW open winch units

Strong performance - Versatile delivery

Our MPW (Multi Purpose Winch) trolleys are individually configured from reliable system components and satisfy the most demanding quality requirements. Their variable configuration makes it possible to implement the most efficient technical solution for your application. MPW open winch units features:

  • Matching modular components
  • Efficient arrangement of drive, brake and gearbox
  • Second hoist brake offers a high level of safety
  • Easily assembled and maintained

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

Our MPW open winch units for operation with a bottom block satisfy the most stringent requirements for state-of-the-art crane engineering.

Convenient operation

  • Matching modular components
  • Motor, brake and gearbox in a compact arrangement offering simple replacement
  • Clear interfaces for ease of assembly and maintenance

Strong performance

  • Multi-groove rope drums for rope-stabilised systems
  • Load capacities: 5 – 235 t
  • Classification: M3 – M8 FEM
  • Lifting capacity: up to 360 kW
  • Reeving arrangements: 4/2, 8/2, 12/2, 16/2, 20/2, 24/2
  • Designed and equipped for transport

High operating reliability

  • For transporting molten masses
  • Rope drum brake
  • Second hoist brake: disc or double-jaw design
  • Safety brake (acting on the rope drum)

Load capacity range

Load capacity

Technical data