Demag Drive Technology Project Planners

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Demag Drive Technology components are modular for seamless integration to meet your requirements. You'll get precise positioning for ideal stopping accuracy along with low maintenance requirements for cost-effective ownership. Demag Drive components meet even the most exacting requirements. Use the Project Planners below to input specifications so we can get you a quick quote!

Stay One Move Ahead – Product Overview



Wheels &

Wheel Block Systems

Gear Motors & Brake Motors

Power Supply Lines

Drive Technology Solutions


Wheels and wheel block systems for a wide variety of applications with load capacities of up to 60 t.

Gear motors with high drive efficiency and perfectly matched motors and gears.

Robust systems for the transmission of energy and control signals to mobile consumers.

Complete drive solutions with perfectly matched components from the Demag modular system.

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  DRS and DRS-M Wheel Block Systems  Offset Gear Motors DCL-Pro Compact Conductor Line Drive Technology
  DRS-M: 4 sizes (2.75 – 10 t load capacity) 9 sizes  Up to seven conductors for the transmission of power and control signals Fully engineered solutions for transporting heavy goods, with the following components:
  DRS: 4 sizes (16 – 40 t load capacity) Torques from 160 to 13,800 Nm Up to 200 A in continuous operation
  • Gear motors
  • Wheels
  • Frequency inverter
  • Safety control units
  • Power supply lines
  LRS Travel Wheel System Angular Gear Motors    
  3 sizes for wheel loads up to 6.5 t 10 sizes    
  Travel speeds up to 240 m/min Torques from 120 to 12.000 Nm    
  RS Wheel Block System Helical Gear Motors    
  5 sizes (3.5 t – 18 t wheel load 5 sizes for torques     
  Special versions for high-temperature use  90 to 550 Nm    
  DWS Wheel Sets FG Microspeed Units with Main and Microspeed Motors    
  3 sizes (28 t – 60 t wheel load)

Connected to each other via a mechanical fine-tuning gear

  Installation in hollow profiles, box girders or as corner bearing end carriages      
    Cylindrical-Rotor Motors    
    Motor power up to 45 kW    
    Conical-Rotor Brake Motors    
    Motor power up to 55 kW (at 40% ED)    
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