Reliable support in the automotive industry


Automotive industry

We supply material handling solutions and in-house logistics for the entire automotive value chain. Motor vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers rely on Demag technologies for lifting and transporting applications in their manufacturing and assembling processes worldwide.

Fields of application

  • Stamping plants
  • Vehicle assembly
  • Supplier sector

Press plants

We supply process cranes designed for specific applications in press plants operated by the automotive industry that are integrated into our customers’ complex manufacturing processes. The cranes ensure that the necessary tools are stored and supplied to the press lines just-in-time.

Vehicle assembly

Solutions provided by our versatile KBK modular system are the preferred choice in many automotive applications in pre-assembly operations and in assembly lines. Designed on the principle of a modular construction kit, these solutions help our customers’ workers improve manufacturing and assembly of vehicles. The Demag KBK modular crane system is also ideally suited to support complex handling systems.

Supplier sector

Demag cranes and hoists assist companies wherever loads have to be lifted and transported in the factory.  Workplaces can also be equipped with particularly ergonomic solutions with Demag chain hoists.

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