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Optimize Your Processes with Demag KBK Workstation Cranes and Material Flow Solutions

Demag KBK modular crane systems have been trusted by our customers for nearly 60 years. Built with flexibility at its core, your KBK system will be able to be modified, extended or even combined to meet your evolving process needs. Configure Demag KBK workstation cranes as ceiling mounted, freestanding workstations, or jib crane then add a Demag DC chain hoist or Demag balancer to give your operators the ergonomic, efficient tools they need to do the job.

Configure Demag KBK crane systems to meet your changing process needs. Whether you are looking for an automated material flow solution or a crane system to allow operators to work more efficiently and safely, there is a configuration to meet your needs. Ceiling mounted systems can help assist operators in your material flow and lifting needs. Add in options like track switches, turn tables, interlocks, and swing gates to route materials through your manufacturing process while allowing your operators to lift and assemble at the right time in the process. Freestanding workstations make assembly operations more efficient and can even be installed within your existing machinery and processes. Choose between standard portal, lamppost, and the patented Demag cantilever configurations. Jib cranes can be a tool to assist with lifting and assembly operations within a specific area. When built with Demag KBK enclosed rail, operators will find the chain hoist or balancer running on the track to be smooth running and make the process more ergonomic.

Demag KBK modular crane systems have a capacity of up to 7,000 pounds, using steel enclosed rail track, aluminum track or a combination of both. Demag steel enclosed rail track withstands higher capacities and longer spans than aluminum track. Our steel track has the same durable, painted finish on the inside of the track to create a smooth running surface to maintain the low rolling resistance over time, eliminating the corrosion that happens over time on unpainted surfaces. Choose Demag Aluline track when you need the most ergonomic option for your production processes. Aluline aluminum enclosed rail track offers a smooth, anodized finish and lower deadweight than steel track to make it the smoothest, most ergonomic track option. Combine steel and aluminum enclosed rail track to get the best of both worlds when you need a longer bridge and the most ergonomic movement for your operators. Read more about our rail options on the blog!

See how the Demag DC chain hoist product family and Demag balancers can help your operators lift and float loads more efficiently and safely. Read more about how our customer in Germany has added onto their existing KBK crane systems and how Demag Aluline enclosed rail track is being used in a VW production plant in Poland.  

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