Automated solution for handling steel coils

Iron, steel, aluminum & further basic metals

Metals industry

Many companies in the steel, ferrous and non-ferrous industry and their foundries rely on Demag process cranes.

Demag cranes are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures, extreme dust levels and strong vibrations.

Fields of application

  • Steelworks and foundries
  • Rolling mills
  • Storage and staging

Steelworks and foundries

We have the right crane solution for all applications in foundries: casting cranes with up to four crane girders for safe and efficient handling of ladles; Double-girder overhead traveling cranes for in-house transport of components required for casting (e.g. mold boxes).

Rolling mills

We supply technologies tailored to meet requirements in hot and cold rolling mills. These applications include the in-house transport of slabs and ingots as well as the handling of mill rolls for storage and maintenance. And with our travel units, we provide complete drive solutions for rail-mounted transport applications.

Storage and staging

We supply crane installations of semi-automatic and fully automated design for the dedicated storage and staging of metal products (e.g. coils made of aluminium or other metals, bar stock profile sections, etc.).

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