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Innovative Lifting and Handling Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Demag Cranes & Components can create the material flow solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re lifting overhead, moving heavy loads across a warehouse, or looking for ways to make assembly line processes more efficient, Demag has a solution to fit no matter how simple or complex your need.

Heavy Lifting
No matter the industry or the load, Demag overhead cranes can meet your unique needs. As the only crane manufacturer who can offer 3 unique girder solutions, our cranes can handle the job with standard capacities up to 200 tons. You can choose the amount of engineering support you need with our single and double girder cranes. We offer off-the-shelf crane kits to efficiently build your next beam crane, kits with additional engineering for box girder specifications or a completely engineered to order crane. Demag wire rope hoists and winches finish your crane with efficient, effective lifting.

Light Lifting
Lift lighter loads efficiently while providing a more ergonomic lifting environment for your employees with Demag KBK light crane systems and DC Chain Hoists. Configured to meet your unique needs, Demag KBK systems are flexible to provide reliable handling no matter if you need a simple monorail suspension system or a complicated material flow solution with multiple track switches. Available as monorail suspension systems hung from the ceiling, freestanding workstations, jib, or stacker cranes, our systems make load handling easier and more ergonomic.

Add a Demag DC Chain Hoist to your KBK system for added benefit! The DC Chain Hoist family of products helps your workforce work more efficiently and ergonomically while meeting your budget and feature expectations. While other manufacturers require you to order special features, Demag DC chain hoists are available with all these special features straight off the shelf including precise positioning with standard two-speed lifting and adjustable pendant height. The Demag Manulift compliments or even eliminates the manual lifting process for your workforce. Designed to quickly and safely handle loads with one hand, this unit can complement nearly any assembly line or production area.

Material Drives Solutions
Move materials efficiently through your warehouse or facility with Demag’s matched drives solutions. The modular design allows all components to fit easily together but can be customized to fit the specific needs of your material flow. Our industrial motors, gearboxes, wheel blocks, and controls are easy to install and maintain. Whether you need to move heavy loads constantly or intermittently, Demag’s industrial drive solutions will keep you moving.

Learn more about how Demag material handling solutions can meet your needs. Visit for product details and to send us your project requirements. Request a quote today!

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