Demag Repair Center

Fast and reliable repairs

Demag Repair Center

Repairs carried out quickly, reliably and efficiently. The Demag Repair Center at our factory in Wetter, Germany, can provide you with a perfect range of technically efficient services for repairs, overhauls and preventive maintenance measures. The services offered by the Demag Repair Center encompass all Demag product generations and products made by other manufacturers.

Always at your service – fast, reliable and efficient.

The repairs are carried out by highly qualified personnel. The use of genuine spare parts ensures maximum operational reliability. Processing takes place via our partner network.

Manufacturing expertise

The final tests carried out on overhauled units correspond to the same performance tests for new products, with rope tension tests being performed at 125% of full load. Further benefits for you include comprehensive documentation of the repair.

Individual repair

Highly cost-effective

Send us your product via one of our partners and we will prepare a quotation for repair or reconditioning. Depending on the condition, we will determine the best possible fixed price at which we could carry out the repair – delivery date by arrangement.

General overhaul

A general overhaul restores your rope or chain hoist to an almost as good condition as new. All of the remaining service life is available to you again. General overhauls are also available for old product ranges. Using the serial number, we can provide our partners with a fixed price for an overhaul in advance and without obligation. Further information

Your contact


Demag Repair Center

Gate 2 Hall 3 Ruhrstrasse 28
58300 Wetter

+49 (0) 2335 92-2414
+49 (0) 2335 92-1717

Demag Repair Center

Individual repair and general overhaul

  • General overhauls of rope and chain hoists (including older generations)
  • Repairs of all current and older generations of Demag products
  • Repairs of products made by other manufacturers
  • Preventive maintenance measures
  • Final inspections conducted on performance test benches
  • Immediate availability of replacement units

Among others, we can repair the following components quickly and safely:

  • Chain hoists
  • Rope hoists
  • Transmission gears
  • Motors
  • Radio controls
  • Lifting magnets
  • Frequency inverters
  • DR rope hoist controls
  • Grabs
  • Disc brakes
  • Wheel blocks
  • Friction force testing devices
  • Slings and lifting tackle
  • Load handling attachments

Replacement devices in 24 hours

To meet special equipment availability requirements, we can provide you with replacement units within 24 hours during weekdays for DR controls, Demag radio controls and DBM control units.

  • DRC-10 handheld radio control transmitter
  • DRC-J radio control transmitter
  • DRC-MP radio control receiver
  • IR-H 6 handheld radio control transmitter
  • IR-E6 radio control receiver
  • IR-H10 handheld radio control transmitter
  • IR-E10 radio control receiver
  • IR-H16 handheld radio control transmitter
  • IR-E16 radio control receiver
  • RC-H10 handheld radio control transmitter
  • 42–240V RC-E10 radio control receiver
  • D-Grip Speedhoist control pendant
  • DBM34 crane load magnet
  • DBM68 crane load magnet
  • DKES 2DI chain hoist control
  • DKES 5DI chain hoist control
  • DR control “Cover” DR 3-stage CAN
  • DR control “Cover” DR 3 infinitely variable CAN
  • DR control “Cover” DR 5 V1 CAN
  • DR control “Cover” DR 5 V2 CAN
  • DR control “Cover” DR 5 infinitely variable CAN
  • DR control “Cover” DR 10-stage CAN
  • DR control “Cover” DR 10 infinitely variable CAN
  • DR control card DR 20 basic CAN
  • DR crane electrics board stage DR3-10 CAN
  • DR crane electrics board infinitely variable DR3-10 CAN
  • DR crane electrics board DR20 CAN
  • DC trolley control E11/22/34

How to find us

Demag Repair Center
Gate 2 Hall 3
Ruhrstrasse 28
58300 Wetter, Germany

E [email protected]
T +49 2335 92-2414
F +49 2335 92-1717

Opening times 
Monday - Friday from 6am to 4pm

Location diagram 
Demag Repair Center goods-in:
Gate 2, then first turning on the left

How to find us