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General overhaul

Transform old to new. For optimum efficiency.

Demag general overhauls ensure that the components in your plant and equipment operate safely and reliably. Even after the end of their theoretical service life.

Cost-effective alternative to new equipment

After one of our general overhauls, your equipment is comparable with new technology in terms of operation, performance values and its expected service life. This is an attractive alternative to new equipment.

A Demag general overhaul includes all genuine parts specified by the manufacturer.

General overhaul of hoists

Benefit from our expertise for optimum efficiency of your hoists – with Demag general overhauls. A general overhaul makes it possible for your hoist units to be used even after their theoretical duration of service has been reached.

Legal compliance

General overhaul

Regulations, such as BGV D8 in Germany, require power-driven rope and chain hoists and crane hoist units to be taken out of service when their theoretical duration of service has elapsed. However, this does not apply if a general overhaul is carried out, as this results in a new safe working period (SWP).

General overhaul with manufacturer’s guarantee

General overhauls are performed by experienced Demag specialists, who only use genuine replacement parts and materials based on the series product design. When the overhauled installation has passed its final function check, you are provided with a test certificate that also specifies the new theoretical duration of service. Any work performed as part of a general overhaul is covered by liability for defects for 24 months.

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More information

General overhaul at the Demag Repair Centre

Demag General overhaul sets
If required, we can also perform general overhauls of all types of rope and chain hoists at our Repair Center at our factory in Wetter, Germany.



  • Short turnaround times
  • Cost estimate at no charge and report on the current condition of the technology
  • 125% full-load test already in the Repair Centre
  • New paint finish
  • Disposal of old parts free of charge
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Chain hoists loaned free of charge for the duration of the general overhaul, on request
  • General overhaul prices including the replacement of parts needed for the general overhaul in the Demag Repair Centre