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Increase Productivity and Workforce Safety with Demag Freestanding Pillar and Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes

Demag jib crane with aluminum KBK rail and DCBS Electric Balancer floating the load for the operator.

Demag is a leading supplier of lifting equipment to help make your operations safer and more efficient. Jib cranes are a flexible option to meet the needs of your manufacturing operations. Jib cranes can optimized underused areas of your facility to be a productive work cell or complement existing overhead cranes. These overhead cranes can be used to provide lifting and handling capabilities within a machine area, create an assembly station, be used in loading and unloading areas, or replace manual lifting processes.

Jib cranes can be configured as a freestanding pillar jib crane or wall mounted jib crane. Both configurations bring benefits to your operations. Freestanding pillar jib cranes are attached to your existing reinforced concrete floor for installation nearly anywhere in your operations. With pillar heights to work around existing obstructions and necessary lift height, the boom can rotate up to 360° so the operator can lift a load and move it to the desired location.

Wall mounted jib cranes could be the right option for you if your operations have limited floor space available. Attached to the wall or pillar of your building, they allow for 180° to 270° rotation for lifting and handling of loads.

Jib cranes are available for heavier loads, typically up to 2 Tons but larger capacities up to 5 Tons is possible. With rotating jib cranes, you have the option for powered or manual rotation. Depending on your requirements, lighter loads can be moved by hand.

Increase your productivity, improve safety, and reduce workplace injury by adding a jib crane to your manufacturing or production facility. Demag jib cranes are designed for seamless integration of the DC Chain Hoists, DCBS Electric Balancer, or D-BP II Air Balancer. Learn more today. Reach out to one of our experts or find a dealer near you to discuss your jib crane project.

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