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Efficient Lifting, Lowering, and Transport of Loads Under 3.5 Tons | Demag KBK Monorail and Modular Crane Systems

Demag chain hoist on a double girder KBK crane lowering a part into a treatment tub

Flow of materials through your manufacturing facility is critical to your manufacturing throughput success. The requirements of each project are unique. When these processes include lifting, it is important you find the solution that meets your exacting requirements. See what Demag KBK modular cranes and monorail systems can do for you.

For applications requiring linear motion, Demag KBK monorail systems help your workforce move loads forward and backward underneath the suspended monorail. These systems can make your operations safer by eliminating manual lifting process, loading and unloading products, and minimizing forklift traffic within your building.  Monorail systems can be as simple or as complex as your requirements. Adding curved track, turn tables, track switches, and other complex material flow components can tailor a KBK monorail system to meet your exacting needs.

KBK modular cranes allow for lifting and motion on the X, Y, and Z axis. The bridge runs on the runway so operators can lift and move loads in the rectangular area under the crane. Enclosed rail cranes like KBK cranes are found in nearly all industries where lifting requirements are under 3.5 Tons. They can be ceiling mounted or configured into a freestanding workstation crane to meet your process requirements.

Demag KBK Monorail system used to transport airplane parts during manufacturing.

When your lifting requirements are under 3.5 Tons, see what Demag KBK Systems can do for you. Monorail Systems can enhance material flow and workforce safety throughout your facility. Modular Crane Systems can be configured to meet your operational needs in nearly any industry. Don’t forget, Demag DC chain hoists, DCBS electric balancer, and D-BP II air balancer can be seamlessly integrated into your monorail or crane system. Learn more about Demag KBK Systems and the lifting devices that can make you operations more efficient. Reach out to one of our experts to discuss your needs!

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