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Find the Demag DC Chain Hoist Model to Meet Your Requirements

When it comes to lifting solutions, Demag stands out as a reliable and versatile choice, offering a comprehensive range of DC Chain Hoist models tailored to meet various industrial needs. With a lineup comprising the DC-Com, DC Pro, DCS Pro, DCM Manulift, and DCMS Manulift, Demag ensures there's a perfect fit for every application. Let's delve into the features of each model to help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

Demag DC Com model chain hoist next to an application photo with a DC Com on a jib crane and the operator picking up a component.

The DC Com chain hoist is the go-to choice for those seeking a reliable, cost-effective hoisting solution without compromising on quality. It’s reliable and meets the needs for standard lifting environments in many industries including manufacturing, automotive, and more.

Demag DC Pro model chain hoist next to an application photo of a DC Pro on a single girder i-beam crane lifting a heavy industrial tire.

For enhanced functionality and versatility, the DC Pro chain hoist is the ideal choice with 2-speed lifting. As your requirements get more demanding, the DC Pro delivers with increased capacities, increase duty, faster lifting speeds, and expanded options like the LDC-D dual and LDC-Q quad chain hoist configurations.

A Demag DCS-Pro model chain hoist next to an application photo of a DCS chain hoist on a ceiling mounted KBK crane with the operator lifting an engine component for assembly.

The DCS Pro chain hoist sets the benchmark for precision and adaptability, making it perfect for applications demanding the utmost accuracy. Get stepless variable speed and add options to meet your productivity requirements. The DCS Pro can be integrated into automation applications using PLCs, encoders, travel limit switches, and more.

A Demag DC chain hoist with the Manulift handle next to an application photo of an operator lifting a component to be set into a machine.

For applications requiring manual control with ergonomic design, the DCM and DCMS Manulift models deliver unparalleled comfort and efficiency. Get one handed control with the innovative, ambidextrous Manulift handle and control speed and direction with the rocker switch. Ideal for fast pick and place operations, the Manulift can fit the bill.

If you’re trying to determine which DC Chain Hoist model will meet your requirements, read our blog post Demag DC Chain Hoists: Choosing the Right Model for Your Application. You’ll learn the features of each model to see which model may meet your requirements. When you’re ready, contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quote from one of our authorized dealers.

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