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Optimize Your Operations with Demag Freestanding Workstation Cranes

Overhead lifting can be configured in a multitude of ways to meet your unique process needs. Demag freestanding workstation cranes are an overhead lifting solution that adds lifting capabilities nearly anywhere within your production facility. Freestanding configurations can help your workforce lift and handle loads up to 2 tons and optimize your operations.

Demag offers 3 configurations of freestanding workstation cranes- standard, lamp post and patented cantilever

Demag Freestanding Workstation Crane Designs

Our exclusive, patented Cantilever Workstation Crane gives unblocked access to machinery, tools, and personnel with one completely open side for loads up to 1,100 pounds. The support structure is installed on one side with the supporting cantilever overhang suspending the KBK enclosed rail crane.

A Demag Lamp Post Workstation Crane can be inserted within your existing production area. Since there is no header and column locations can be offset, this configuration can be added around machinery and other equipment for loads up to 1,100 pounds.

Standard Portal Freestanding Workstation Cranes by Demag allow you to add standalone lifting nearly anywhere in your production facility for loads up to 2 Tons. This configuration accommodates longer bridge lengths column spacing, and capacities than other workstation designs. It allows you to exactly customize the needed workspace in your facility.

Improve Ergonomics

Adding lifting equipment to your operations can bring a wide range of benefits. In manufacturing facilities, adding a freestanding workstation crane with a lifting device can make loading a component into a machine safer and more ergonomic. Demag DC Chain Hoists, DCBS Electric Balancer, and D-BP II Air Balancer seamlessly integrate into KBK workstation cranes.

Demag KBK Systems Grow with Your Future Operations

Because a Demag freestanding workstation crane uses the KBK modular system, the system will grow with your future needs. One unique benefit of a freestanding workstation crane is that it can be moved to a new location later if your processes change. Since the columns are attached to your facility’s concrete, the entire system can be moved.

Demag KBK enclosed rail systems are designed to be customized to your needs. With the widest offering of standard, off-the-shelf products and accessories, KBK can easily and efficiently be customized to meet your unique needs. These accessories allow for complex material handling components like turn tables and automation products or simply a runway with one bridge.

Freestanding workstation cranes are flexible and reliable to meet your lifting needs. Whether you need to add lifting capabilities to an area with unused floor space or within the machines in your manufacturing cells, there is a KBK enclosed rail system configuration to meet your needs. Demag workstation cranes are flexible with the widest offering of standard, off-the-shelf accessories to customize it to your exacting needs. Because our workstation cranes are built with KBK enclosed rail, you’ll have the freedom to grow with your future production needs

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