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Matched Drive Technology Components for Bulk Material Handling Projects

Bulk materials may be heavy and be awkward to handle. Capacity and duty are major design considerations on any material handling project. As load capacity increases, the equipment and components handling these materials must be designed to meet these demanding requirements. Awkward loads need to be designed with consideration to where the majority of the load will be placed.

Demag motors and wheel blocks used on bulk material bins in a concrete plant where one bin is dumping material into another for mixing.


Demag Drive Technology solutions meet the demanding requirements of bulk material handling applications. Whether you require a drive component solution or just a specific component, Demag Drive Technology can deliver. The components are modular, meaning you can tailor the components to your requirements while assuring compatibility and minimizing costs associated with project engineering and assembly time.

Demag Industrial, Unilateral Wheel Solutions

Unilateral motion is demanded in many high capacity drive technology applications. Demag Wheel solutions meet a wide range of capacities, environments, and clearances. The LRS wheel system can run on rail or the concrete floor with the greatest ground clearance of Demag wheel blocks. It’s the most cost-effective option for applications like transfer cars.

Known for its versatility and reliability, the DRS and DRS-M wheel systems offer many different types of wheel options and can meet very fast travel speeds. The DRS-M wheel includes new features not found on the DRS wheels.

The infamous RS wheel system excels in high temperature and specialized applications where standard products can’t deliver. Not only can it handle high load capacity, if your spec requires a steel housing, the RS wheel block will meet your requirement.

Demag Gear Motors

Demag gear motors are available in right angle, inline, and offset configurations. Whether you need cylindrical rotor with additional brake or conical rotor with integrated mechanical brake, there is a Demag motor to meet your requirements, no matter how much precision is needed.

 Many times, our gear motors can be attached to the wheel via direct connection with a splined drive shaft, eliminating the need for chains, sprockets, keyed shafts, and couplings. When creating a drive solution with 2 wheels and a drive shaft, you may be able to drive the application with a single Demag motor, reducing the initial purchase cost, wiring and maintenance of multiple motors.

Let us show you how Demag Drive Technology components can work for your application. Contact us or complete our Drive Technology Planners with all your specs for a quote.

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