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Hoists for the Ship Building and Ship Repair Industries

Demag cranes and hoists used to build ships

Building ships is big business! Overhead cranes and hoists do the heavy lifting during the construction of ships. Ship builders need to lift heavy, large, sometimes awkward pieces to build a ship. Ship repair companies need to lift very heavy components to complete the service work. Demag has built cranes for the ship building and ship repair industries, and has the hoist units to meet your needs.

DH Wire Rope Hoist

Demag DH Wire Rope Hoist

The Demag DH wire rope hoist is designed for production applications like ship building and other bulky, high-capacity industries. When a ship is being built in a building dock, the overhead cranes and hoists may need to lift components a very long distance. The hoist may also be making these lifts frequently over the course of an hour or during a shift.

The DH wire rope hoist is flexible and precise to meet the needs of even the most extreme environments. The DH can be configured with conical rotor lift and creep motor. Travelling and stationery DH hoists can be coupled to work together in your lifting processes. Coupled hoists can have exact, simultaneous operation in applications where there are large differences between ropes. There is a DH configuration to meet your needs including low headroom monorail, standard headroom monorail, single girder, and double girder travelling with a trolley.

MPW Open Winch

Demag MPW Open Winch

Open winch applications are the most customizable to extreme lifting needs. The Demag MPW Open Winch can lift up to 250 tons and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our high-capacity winch units are a compact design with low deadweight. When you need high lift speeds and precise positioning of your heavy loads, the MPW is tailored to your needs. If you are in a colder climate, the MPW is designed to operate in temperatures down to -20°F and can include weather protections needed.

Click to learn more about the DH wire rope hoist and MPW open winch for your application. Then reach out to our experts to discuss your requirements.

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