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Freestanding Workstation Cranes Add Lifting Nearly Anywhere in Your Manufacturing Operations

Demag Cantilever Workstation Crane, Lamp Post Workstation Crane, and Standard Portal Workstation Crane.


Overhead lifting solutions meet a wide variety of needs within manufacturing operations. Freestanding workstation cranes are an overhead lifting solution that can add lifting capabilities nearly anywhere within your production facility. Lifting and handling loads up to 2 tons, workstation cranes consist of a support structure, an enclosed rail workstation crane with runway and bridges, and lifting devices to meet your process needs. Choose from 3 configurations to meet your needs.

Demag offers 3 configurations of freestanding workstation cranes to meet your needs. Our patented Freestanding Cantilever Workstations Crane is supported on one side with columns so the other side is completely open for unblocked access of machinery, tools and personnel. This configuration can be used for applications up to 1,100 pounds. The Lamp Post Freestanding Workstation Crane can be configured within you existing production area as there are no headers so column locations can be offset. The Lamp Post configuration is flexible to be added around machinery and equipment for capacities up to 2 tons. A Standard Portal Freestanding Workstation Crane supports longer bridge lengths and column spacing than the other configurations. It allows you to exactly customize the needed workspace in your facility.

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