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DMR Wire Rope Hoist | Configurations to Meet Your Heavy Lifting Needs

Reliable, safe, and efficient lifting equipment is important for your operations. Performance Lifting solutions from Demag give you reliable, quality, and safe solutions that have an efficient cost of ownership over the life of the equipment. When you need a lifting solution, it’s important that it be flexible to meet your unique needs. For heavy loads, the Demag DMR wire rope hoist has configurations to meet a variety of your lifting needs and can be tailored with options to match your lifting challenges.

Demag DMR wire rope hoist lifting on a Demag V-Girder crane

The Demag DMR wire rope hoist has configurations to meet your needs. From standard single and double girder crane applications to configurations for special environments and applications, the DMR is designed to meet a wide variety of lifting needs. Different features can be tailored to meet your needs, including motors suitable for extreme environments and drive systems for efficient travel along the girder or monorail. When it comes to flexibility, the DMR wire rope hoist has configurations to meet a variety of your lifting needs. Learn about all the DMR configurations below and read more about all DMR configurations on our blog.

Single girder (EK) DMR wire rope hoist and Double girder (EZ) DMR wire rope hoist



Lifting with a single girder crane requires a hoist to meet your requirements. The EK-DMR wire rope hoist is your everyday lifting partner for loads up to 15 tons when you need to lift in a manufacturing or service based facility.


Lifting up to 50 tons, the EZ-DMR wire rope hoist makes lifting reliable and efficient on Demag double girder cranes. Moving along the girders on the trolley, you can add features like Demag SafeControl to safely perform complex movements like load turning. The EZ-DMR is proven in many industries including bulk materials, automotive, and steel coil handling.

Foot Mounted (FDMR) wire rope hoist and FDMR with co-axial F10 motor


The foot mounted DMR, or F-DMR wire rope hoist, gives you the ultimate flexibility. Ideal for stationery applications, crane modernization projects, and non-standard trolley gauge projects, the F-DMR can be mounted on any of the 4 sides of the hoist or added to custom trolleys for your crane project. When you need to use this hoist in extreme environments, add the optional Co-Axial F10 motor set up. This is the tried-and-true Demag FG Microspeed configuration. It can handle a high number of starts and stops, allows for significant speed changes, and uses mechanical braking to meet the needs of environments with high heat, moisture, and other factors. Click to the blog for a deep dive into the FDMR with co-axial F10 motor.


Monorail (EU) DMR wire rope hoist and GDMR for permanent lifting applications


Monorail cranes need products designed to work with them. The EU-DMR is specially designed for monorail applications with a stacked design to fit through tight-fitting areas. It can be customized to meet your needs with our co-axial F10 motor setup to meet extreme environment needs, like those found in galvanizing lines.


For lifting a load with a hoist permanently attached or a winch style application, there is a DMR configuration to meet your needs. The G-DMR wire rope hoist has no bottom block so it consists of the drum, rope, and motor. This DMR configuration is perfect for lifting heavy doors or other similar projects where the winch has one permanent job.

If you’re ready to add a wire rope hoist to your operations, see what the Demag wire rope hoists can do for your operations. Reach out to a Demag expert to talk about your next project to use the DMR wire rope hoist or any other Demag wire rope hoist.

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