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Precise Mechanical Positioning with the Demag FG Microspeed Motor Combination

Demag FG microspeed motors used in a furnace application

Designing a material handling solution requiring precise positioning can be challenging. The most common way to accomplish precise positioning is to use an inverter with the AC induction motor. This is electronic braking which may not withstand additional forces and environmental factors of your project. Another way to accomplish precise positioning is through mechanical braking. Conical rotor AC induction motors, also called squirrel cage motors, have a cone shaped rotor and stator bore. This means when the motor is unenergized, the brake spring holds it in a braked position. When you need precise positioning with mechanical braking, see what the Demag FG Microspeed motor combination can do to meet your requirements.

Cutaway motor showing the internal configuration of the Demag FG Microspeed motor

The FG Microspeed motor consists of 2 brake motors and an intermediate reduction gearbox connecting them. One motor is a micro motor and the other is a larger, main motor. This combination creates a potential higher speed ratio than found in other motor applications. The precision comes from the microspeed motor and the reduction of the effective load inertia.

The FG Microspeed motor combination is a proven, flexible solution. It meets the requirements of many applications where braking, positioning, eliminating overruns, and emergency braking is necessary. This combination is perfect for applications where precise lifting and/or positioning is needed for manufacturing operations.

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