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The Performance Of Lifting: New Demag DFW II End Trucks

Performance is key in any lifting or material handling operation. Demag has the reliable, safe lifting solutions that make your operations more efficient while providing equipment with low cost of ownership. The new Demag DFW II End Trucks take performance further providing the flexibility you need for your lifting operations. The DFW II end truck is purpose built to be flexible to meet your project needs with the ability to perform in outdoor and temperatures environments from
-40°C to 55°C.

Available in wheel base sizes from 1600mm to 5500mm, the DFW II gives you the flexibility and performance options you need for your lifting processes. Use the DFW II as a part of single or double girder crane with the Demag V-Girder, box or beam girder with a capacity of 50 tons and span up to 35 meters. The joint adds the flexibility to your girder to end truck connections for top, medium, low or side mounting plate positions to meet the design characteristics of your project. The mounting plates are designed to move to where you need them to be, unlike the previous model DFW. Each DFW II end truck has an integrated derailment catch for added safety. Additional options include guide rollers, rail sweeps, flangeless wheels and manual brake release. Available in standard one wheel drive and boggie type two wheel drive, you can tailor the end trucks to your lifting project needs.

We take performance further with the addition of the Demag ZBF cylindrical pole changing motor. Demag Z Motors are designed for smooth, efficient travel. The flywheel provides smooth acceleration and deceleration for travel motions. The motor is connected to the DRS wheel block with an A offset gearbox for a silent, long, maintenance free life, even in outdoor applications and environments with higher ambient temperatures. In addition, the motor can be mounted to the driven wheel specified whether the need is a right or left hand mounting position.

When you need to add performance into your lifting operations, see what Demag has to offer. The new DFW II End Truck provides the flexibility, reliability and features you need for your next crane project. Demag has helped customers in the wood products and veneer industry, steel coil and tube handling, galvanizing, die movements in plastic injection molding, and many other fabrication industries where flexible, precise, reliable lifting is needed. Read more about how our cranes have helped our customers in our case studies. Reach out to one of our experts today!

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