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Integrate Custom Manipulators and Tooling with the Remote Handle Option - Demag DCBS Electric Balancer

Ensuring ergonomic lifting and handling processes for operators is crucial in today's industrial landscape. Handling sensitive and bulky materials is a critical task in various manufacturing facilities, particularly in those dealing with glass or battery packs. Correct, ergonomic handling is imperative for operator safety and product integrity. Additionally, in facilities where large, awkward loads need to be managed, operators often face the challenge of reaching over or around items, leading to unsafe handling practices.

The Remote Handle for Enhanced Flexibility

The Remote Handle for the Demag DCBS Electric Balancer enables the integration of custom load attachments onto the balancer while maintaining the same functionality as the stock balancer. This option involves the replacement of the D-Grip Servo controller with a remote D-Grip Servo controller, load sensor, cable set, and an adapter for easy installation of the load sensor.

Although the DCBS electric balancer can be ordered with the D-Grip handle in-line with the chain and hook, the ability to mount it in an alternative location can allow the operator to reach the handle in a safe and comfortable position, even when handling large and awkward loads. Adding a second D-Grip handle to tooling or manipulators can provide even further flexibility for difficult or complicated tasks.

Integrating the Remote Handle for Efficiency

Whether you need powered grippers, vacuum systems, or lifters for uniquely shaped products, these can be seamlessly integrated into the DCBS electric balancer, facilitating ergonomic, efficient lifting, maneuvering, and load floating. With the capability to integrate up to two D-Grip Servo controller handles, operators can use both hands on the manipulator, making it ideal for handling fragile or awkward products. The remote grip utilizes a pressure sensor to detect even the slightest hand movements, ensuring precision in load management.

Tailoring Safety Parameters for Your Needs

The DCBS allows you to program additional safety parameters for integrated tooling and manipulators. By connecting the hoist body to your computer via the programming cable and software, you can customize button settings on the Grip, adjust acceleration speeds, and define parameters for safe component placement, aligning the DCBS with your specific operational processes and safety objectives.

The implementation of custom manipulators and end tooling is a game-changer for modern manufacturing operations. By focusing on ergonomics and safety, you not only safeguard the well-being of your operators but also unlock increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Custom manipulators paired with the DCBS Electric Balancer and the integration of the Remote Handle offer versatile and programmable solutions that cater to your specific needs. Reach out to us to talk to our experts and be connected to one of our authorized Demag distribution experts who can help make your project a success.

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