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Horizontal and Vertical Movement in Industrial Applications – Demag Drive Solutions

Moving heavy loads isn't just for an overhead crane. Many material handling solutions exist to move loads horizontally and vertically within operations. When you look around the material handling industry, you see overhead cranes and other types of material handling solutions used in the industrial manufacturing environments and terminal ports found worldwide.

Overhead Lifting

Nearly every industry uses an overhead crane of some sort to help lift and move materials during the manufacturing process. Overhead cranes encompass lighter loads with enclosed rail crane systems and the heaviest loads with a double girder crane and wire rope hoist or winch. Overhead lifting can make your operations safer and more efficient, no matter if you use an enclosed rail crane or monorail like Demag KBK or an overhead travelling crane with a Demag DMR or DH wire rope hoist.

Demag KBK modular crane and assembly line transfer cars

Horizontal Movement of Heavy Loads in the Industrial Space

Precise horizontal movement in the industrial space is vital to production efficiency. Metals processing, production, and storage may use a transfer car to move raw materials from place to place within the facility. Manufacturers of automobiles or large equipment may use transfer cars to transport partial or fully assembled components throughout the production facility or production lines. Many manufacturers require chemicals, paints, or solutions to be combined together at some point in the process. Tippers and fillers can increase safety as chemicals and solutions are combined, sometimes reducing or eliminating the need for your workforce to be exposed.

Vertical Lifting Without an Overhead Crane

Demag ac induction motor solution used in a stacker crane

In industries with large die handling, retrieval operations, or automated storage, stacker cranes may be a material handling solution used to grab and replace large items. The system is shaped like a mast that can move up and down to use forks or grippers to grab an item for transportation. Stacker cranes need a power, wheel, and control system to deliver the goods.

Lifting and Moving the Heaviest Loads from Ships in Terminal Ports

Demag wheel block and motor solutions used a terminal ports lifting application

The worldwide terminal ports system is integral to our supply chain. Various types of equipment are used in these ports for dry bulk handling and container transport. Manufacturers of port loaders and unloaders for bulk handling and containers look for components that offer long, reliable life and efficient operation.


Manufacturers and material handling dealers who fabricate solutions that move heavy loads horizontally with precision need components that are reliable, efficient, and optimized for these applications. Demag Drives Solutions meet the reliability and efficiency needs for these applications. Our offering is optimized to meet a variety of requirements. From the very precise and extreme environmental needs to more of a general industrial environment, there is an AC induction motor to meet your needs. Demag Wheel System Solutions are pre-engineered full wheel solutions with the wheel, bearings, and housing. Demag wheel systems can handle a capacity up to 88,000 lbs. per wheel, dependent on wheel model and application requirements. Contact our experts to spec out your project!

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