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Purpose Built Hoist for Extreme Environments | Demag DH Wire Rope Hoist

Demag DH Wire Rope Hoist in Use

Extreme environments require a purpose-built wire rope hoist. Whether you need a rugged wire rope hoist for your galvanizing plant, for use in steel coil processing, or die handling, the Demag DH wire rope hoist is flexible and configurable to meet your needs.

The Demag DH wire rope hoist is designed for demanding, punishing environments where standard wire rope hoists can’t stand up. The DH hoist is purpose-built with two-speed contactor control as standard. Some lifting operations have non-standard requirements like a long hook path, high start/ stops, or the need for a load hold brake. The DH wire rope hoist can meet lift heights up to 340 feet. Adding the Co-Axial F10 motor configuration, the Demag FG Microspeed configuration, gives your operations the tried-and-true conical rotor lifting motor and creep motor in a tandem mechanical configuration to meet your environmental and lifting precision needs.

With capacities up to 100tons, the DH can be used in stationery lifting stations or towing winches. In addition to travel hoists on single girder, double girder and monorail cranes, there is a configuration to meet your exacting lifting needs. Add technology to your existing crane during your crane retrofit with the foot mounted DH hoist. Foot mounted configurations can be configured into a custom trolley to meet your needs. Whether you need to upgrade your lifting equipment to meet today’s needs or simply retrofit your existing crane, see what the DH can do for you. Extreme environments and non-standard lifting requirements require a capable hoist. When you need performance lifting for heavy loads, see how the Demag DH wire rope hoist can help.

Read more about the purpose-build DH wire rope hoist on the blog and reach out to talk about your retrofit or extreme lifting project.

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