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Refresh or Update Your Existing Demag Overhead Crane with a Crane Set

When you need to refresh or update the hoist on your existing Demag overhead crane, choose a Demag crane set for the job. These kits include everything you need minus the girder.

Rendering image of a Demag overhead crane with the girder faded out to feature the components included in a Demag crane set, or crane kit.

Choose a Hoist to Meet Your Needs

Whether the girder is rated for 1 Ton or 100 Tons, there is a Demag Hoist to meet your lifting requirements.

DVR Rope Hoists

For standard environments and maintenance hoisting applications, the Demag DVR rope hoist meets your requirements. Available for capacities up to 80 ton, the DVR comes in 4 configurations to meet the needs of the crane area. It even has additional smart features to make lifting safer for your facility.

DH Wire Rope Hoists

When requirements exceed the standard environment, the DH wire rope hoist is the trusted lifting partner. Meeting lifting requirements for capacities up to 100 tons, the DH accommodates high capacities, long lifts, and aggressive environments. Add the optional co-axial F10 motor for mechanical braking in your application.

DC Chain Hoists

There is a DC Chain Hoist to meet your lifting requirements! From 150 pounds to 5 tons, DC chain hoists come with a variety of options to meet your needs. Choose the Manulift handle for operations with fast pick and place motion is required. It can also meet certain requirements to replace manual lifting in your existing processes. Choose the DCBS Electric Balancer for your assembly operations.

Use DC chain hoists with a traditional pendant or radio control. Choose from 2-speed or stepless variable speed with electrical options to meet North American market standards.

Refresh End Trucks and Electrics with a Demag Crane Kit

In addition to the hoist, updating your existing Demag crane with a crane kit includes everything connected to the beam. This means new end trucks will provide cross travel within the crane area. Electrics are also updated with the latest package to meet your buildings requirements.

Refreshing your existing Demag overhead crane with a crane set can be a budget friendly way to upgrade your system. You’ll get everything needed, the hoist, end trucks, and electrics so you’re ready to install and start lifting.

Contact us to be referred to one of our Crane Builders in your area! Our Crane Builder partners will work with you to make your project a success.

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