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Meet the New Generation of Demag Pneumatic and Electric Balancers

Demag Cranes & Components has two new additions to its reliable and efficient product line. When you need precise positioning for your assembly line and manufacturing processes, you now have more options. Introducing more solutions for handling fragile products with the Demag DCBS Electric Balancer and the Demag D-BP II Air Balancer.

When you want pneumatic control to lift loads up to 770 pounds for fast pick-and-pack operations, choose the Demag D-BP II Air Balancer. Designed to complement the manual lifting process, the D-BP II moves with the natural lifting motion of the operator with no jerky movements, making loads feel almost weightless. For capacities up to 150 pounds, the D-BP II is available with an automatic load balancing feature allowing you to guide and position the load with both hands. The air balancer is equipped with industry leading safety features like a safety brake to stop the rope when upward motion is too fast and a quick and easy brake reset that manages any uncontrolled movement. Its pneumatic control makes the cost of ownership lower and more economical to maintain. The D-BP II requires little maintenance which helps keep the cost of ownership low. Whether you need fluid, precise lifting in automotive assembly lines, manufacturing, or industrial production, the D-BP II travels smoothly and efficiently on all ceiling hung Demag KBK light crane systems, freestanding workstations and slewing jibs.

Intuitive lifting has never been so smooth with the Demag DCBS Electric Balancer. Get precise positioning, up to 350 pounds, for your assembly processes. Available in 2 models, it helps your workforce handle loads more efficiently with only light pressure required to control the load. The DCBS allows workers to move loads more efficiently using manual force on the control handle or with both hands rather than a button or actuator found on traditional chain hoists. The Demag DCBS Electric Balancer has a low cost of ownership. It requires no brake adjustment and uses regenerative braking to minimize brake wear for longer life than traditional braking methods and is virtually maintenance-free for 10 years.

When you need a light lifting solution for your assembly line or other lifting processes, see what the Demag can do for you! Reap the benefits of precise positioning and efficiency with the Demag D-BP II Air Balancer and Demag DCBS Electric Balancer. Find out more about Demag balancers and send us your project requirements today!

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