Simple operation – safe and reliable control

DST control pendants

Safely control simply everything

DST control pendants are real universal solutions – for universal operation of cranes, hoists and machinery. Their benefits are evident:

  • three sizes with multiple combinations of operating and switching elements
  • ergonomic design and operation
  • switching elements for direct and contactor control
  • high switching capacity
  • high operating reliability

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Further information

The benefits at a glance

Individual configuration

  • User-friendly design in various configurations with 3, 6, 7 or 9 operating elements
  • Individual configuration and combination of two DST pendants for up to 18 openings

Convenient operation

  • Fatigue-free operation thanks to ergonomic housing design
  • Sloping control pendant design permits operators to work in a natural, comfortable posture

High safety and reliability

  • High operating reliability thanks to additional strain relief elements

Technical data

DST series control pendants offer the following outstanding technical details:

  • Permissible ambient temperatures for rubber and thermoplastic parts -25°C to +70°C, housing -40°C to +150°C


  • 3, 7 or 9 openings in a single row (also for special inserts)
  • Two DST 6, 7 or 9 pendants can be combined for up to 18 openings (in two rows)
  • Switching elements for single-stage, two-stage or variable control
  • Simultaneous 2-pole switching for direct control


  • Enclosure made of glass fibre-reinforced polyester with high resistance to impacts
  • Flame-resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Highly resistant to spirits, ether, petrol, turpentine, benzene, grease, oil, dilute acids or alkaline solutions


  • Switching distances and forces to DIN 33401, holding force < 8 N
  • Positive opening of interlocking contacts in the switching elements
  • Movements in opposite directions cannot be simultaneously actuated
  • Protective insulation to VDE 0100 Part 410
  • IP 65 enclosure to DIN VDE 0470/EN 60529/IEC 529
Main current switching elements
Type Single-stage switching element
2 NC + 2 NO
Two-stage switching element
2 NC + 2 NO in the 1st stage
2 changeover contacts in the 2nd stage
Single-stage crane switch
(emergency stop),
3 NC
Utilisation category
to VDE 0660/
EN 60947
AC 3 / AC 4 AC 3 / AC 4 AC 1
Control current switching elements
Type Single-stage switching element
1 NC + 1 NO
Two-stage switching element
1 NC + 1 NO in the 1st stage
1 NO in the 2nd stage
Single-stage switching element
(emergency stop),
1 NC + 1 NO
Utilisation category
to VDE 0660/
EN 60947
AC 15 AC 15  
(Main current) and control current switching elements
Rated operating voltage [V] 230 400 500 230 400 500
Rated operating current [A] 10
Ith 2 25 (for breaking capacity up to 5.5 kW)
Nominal insulation voltage Ui 500 V~ to VDE 0110, CSA 150Vac