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Wetter (Germany)

Demag at LogiMAT 2024:
Premiere for the DHR rope hoist: Lifting to the next level

  • Compact design, h, low deadweight
  • High safety standards
  • Smart feature options
  • Smart on-site monitoring and parameter-programming, remote diagnosis with StatusControl 2.0 and Demag Equipment App

The focus of the innovations presented by Demag at LogiMAT 2024: the new DHR rope hoist. With this product, Demag is combining the advantages of both the DMR and DVR rope hoist ranges into a compact, powerful and versatile solution.

Europe’s leading intralogistics trade fair is the perfect platform for Demag to unveil its latest generation of one of the cornerstones in its range: the DHR rope hoist range. With the new range combining the top features of the DMR and DVR ranges, users can benefit from the best of both (rope hoist) worlds. Developed for use with standard crane applications, the new DHR rope hoist is characterised by its compact dimensions. Based on a weight-optimised tube structure, the EK-DHR version optimised for use with cranes has an improved C-dimension over its predecessor. In addition, the rope hoist is equipped with a thrust rocker, which eliminates the need for a counterweight.

Other key features include its high performance and load capacity along with its minimum service requirements. The motor and gearbox are easily accessible and the rope drum bearing does not need to be lubricated. Another new feature is the ability to use synthetic ropes (Dyneema) alongside steel ropes, which saves more weight. This high-tensile rope has a deadweight of around 85% compared to a steel rope and does not result in any wear on the rope drum or guide rollers.

Four different motor solutions are available for the hoist drives, depending on the application needs: from two-stage hoist motors (6:1 ratio) to inverter-controlled motors that can achieve load-dependent speeds of up to factor 3 thanks to the Demag ProHub function. Cross-travel drives also come with a powerful solution as standard in the form of the Demag DualDrive, in which two wheels are driven simultaneously via a belt. This can be optionally equipped with a second motor (depending on the size) to tackle challenging conditions.  

The significant differences compared to the previous DVR rope hoist range – something which the user will notice every time a DHR rope hoist is used – are due to the innovative control and safety technology. Since the crane components communicate via an optional CAN bus, this means that numerous safety-relevant parameters can be automatically monitored. In addition, the user can choose from various smart features to adapt the rope hoist to specific applications for maximum impact. These smart features include: Sway Control, Tandem Operation, Bypass Controls and Hook Centring. In other words, even demanding lifting and handling tasks can be tackled using a standard rope hoist.

It is not only the rope hoist electronics that satisfy the highest demands, either – communication with the user is on the same level. Users can rely on the web-based remote monitoring tool StatusControl 2.0 for all communications. It also allows various functions to be monitored remotely. With the Demag Equipment App (DEA), users and service personnel can receive up-to-date rope hoist or crane data in real time. The data is displayed visually on their terminal device. Trained users can also adjust the DHR's parameters. Being connected by wireless means that the DHR can facilitate software updates over the air for existing cranes.

The DHR has also been further upgraded in terms of safety: Thanks to its ergonomically shaped bottom block with guide handle and protective covers, the DHR becomes a byword for ergonomic and safe crane operation. With a wide range of additional options to choose from, DHR hoists can be configured to meet all site requirements. This includes versions with a second hoist brake, a second cross-travel motor, a rain canopy or an IP 66-rated enclosure. Rounding out the portfolio are additional components such as radio controls with the load shown on the status display and stand-by heaters.

The DHR rope hoist is being launched as a crane-optimised monorail hoist with three sizes and load capacities of up to 10 tonnes, as well as a basic hoist for general mechanical engineering with a capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes. Other versions will follow in due course.

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