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Wetter (Germany)

Demag at LogiMAT 2024

Light maximum load capacity:

new KBK Aluline A28 profile section

  •  Higher load capacity – comfortable handling of heavy loads
  • Larger suspension distances – more freedom for the planner 
  • Smooth running – for ergonomic workflows 
  • Practical addition to the comprehensive crane construction kit

Wetter, Germany, 19 March 2024. At LogiMAT 2024, Demag will be presenting a new profile section for the KBK Aluline light crane system, which is characterised by its high load capacity and low deadweight. Whether as a crane girder or a crane runway: the KBK A 28 profile section enables ergonomic and comfortable handling of even heavy loads. The larger suspension distances provide more space and freedom of movement in assembly and production – a useful addition to the Demag KBK  con-struction kit.

The modular Demag KBK crane construction kit is "the" handling system in many companies. The versatile program allows adaptation to a wide range of applications and operating condi-tions, and in each individual case the users can benefit from the extremely smooth, and there-fore easy and comfortable handling of the load.

The smooth-running properties of the new Demag KBK Aluline A28 profile section are also outstanding. The aim of the Demag designers was to add a low-weight profile section with a high load capacity to the KBK Aluline range. Demag had already advanced into the 2 tonne load capacity range with the established A22 profile section. Another milestone has now been reached with the new Demag KBK A28 profile section: The profile section allows for much larger suspension distances, which are up to 50% greater than previously achieved, reaching up to 10.5 metres with a profile section load capacity of 400 kg, for example. This is unusual for an aluminium profile section and comes close to the values of the Demag KBK II-H steel profile section. Planners and plant operators can benefit from significantly greater planning freedom. 

Combined with the smooth-running characteristics typical of KBK, this results in a handling system with a low deadweight, which is extremely convenient to operate, moves even heavier loads with ease and takes up little space at ground level. This gives the factory or workplace planner more freedom with the design.

The new profile section – just like the entire KBK Aluline range – also impresses in terms of detail, from the articulated suspension fitting to the easy-to-assemble joint connections and smooth-running trolleys. A wide range of accessories allows the system to be adapted to (al-most) any application and, thanks to its modular design, any KBK Aluline system can be easily retrofitted or expanded – a future-proof investment. The high-quality anodized surface of the profile is also worth mentioning. It is corrosion and impact resistant and fits perfectly in bright working environments.

This makes lightweight construction possible for overhead handling – even with heavier loads. And users of the KBK Aluline system – planners and operators alike – can achieve new load-bearing capacities and spans without supports with the A28 profile section.  



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