Full control. Simple. Reliable.

Demag StatusControl

The intelligent remote monitoring system: current operating data and evaluations at a glance

With Demag StatusControl, you can have full control over your equipment anytime, anywhere. Our smart remote monitoring system provides you with current operating data and evaluations of your cranes and hoists: risks of downtime, utilisation, usage and service life. And that simply, reliably and at a glance. You can always rely on smooth, safe and reliable operation and optimise the productivity of your equipment to meet your specific needs.

Demag StatusControl collects data from the control and diagnostic systems of cranes and hoists to provide you with relevant, up-to-date status and operating data as well as information. This information is transmitted in real time via LTE mobile communication (VPN tunnel) to a data cloud and from there to our customer portal. In addition, the remote monitoring system uses the world’s largest database and unique Demag expertise in crane systems to generate automatic analyses and evaluations.

Overview of your advantages

Full control

With Demag StatusControl you have all your crane equipment under control at all times and benefit from maximum availability – thanks to precise information on system status, utilisation, risk of downtimes and remaining service life (SWP).

Higher productivity

Crane usage patterns show where the safety and productivity of your operations can be optimised through further training of your personnel.

Reliable operation

For efficient equipment management, you can receive comprehensive information on the remaining service life of critical components. This provides you with a reliable basis for investment decisions and forward planning of maintenance and repair work.

Simple and clearly arranged

You can access your data anytime and anywhere via our web-based customer portal. Thanks to intuitive operation, clear presentation and a traffic light system, you can see all relevant information at a glance. If there are any relevant status changes, you can receive a push message via SMS or email.

Safe in every respect

Demag StatusControl increases the safety of your operations with its comprehensive control functions. Thanks to encrypted transmission and reliable storage, your data also has optimum protection.


Demag StatusControl can be combined with existing Demag cranes and hoists and retrofitted at any time.

Full security for your data

  • Data cloud as a neutral, secure storage location
  • All stored data as well as all data traffic in the cloud are encrypted via VPN tunnelling and cannot be read by unauthorised parties
  • Antivirus protection for remote connections
  • Firewall isolation from the public internet
  • Strict password requirements with mandatory password changes
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Efficient equipment management

Crane fleet view

  • Traffic light system shows real-time status of individual cranes at a glance
  • Monitoring with reference to various parameters, such as change of the SWP (Safe Working Period)
  • Prerequisite for predictive maintenance
  • Click on an individual crane: switch to individual view with detailed information
StatusControl Kranflotte

Individual crane view

  • Traffic light system shows the overall condition of the crane at a glance
  • Combined display of crane status and operating data

Crane condition

  • SWP hoist availability
  • Service life and replacement period for critical components (hoists, brakes, pressure rollers, hoist contactors)
  • Replacement history of components
  • Fault history

Operating statistics

  • Operation of the crane, operating errors, any information on shortened service life or possible safety problems as a result of crane operation
  • Efficiency and utilisation
  • Crane operator training requirements

Safety warnings (by sms/email)

  • Hoist operating hours
  • Critical condition of the brakes
  • Measured braking distance
  • Overload
  • Maximum slip
  • Maximum speed
  • Emergency stops
StatusControl Kranansicht