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Further Services

Further Services

Inspection and maintenance

Tailored solutions for inspection and maintenance

With our tailored solutions for inspection and maintenance, we help you to ensure that your equipment offers the performance you need: regular and reliable performance for optimum equipment availability and a high level of safety for owners and operators. We only work with qualified specialists who have a wealth of experience – and who are not only familiar with our own products. We offer inspection and maintenance work for cranes, hoists, load handling attachments or other related equipment from Demag, or any other brand.

Safety inspections

Safeguarding you and your employees

Leave nothing to chance in occupational safety. As an owner of cranes and hoists, electrical installations and equipment, you are responsible for the protection of your staff. Our regular safety inspections improve the security of your equipment. They ensure that hazards, such as personal injury or damaged equipment caused by falling loads, are identified and can be prevented in good time – and that statutory accident prevention regulations are satisfied.

General overhaul

Transform old to new. For optimum efficiency.

Demag general overhauls ensure that the components in your plant and equipment operate safely and reliably. Even after the end of their theoretical service life.


Our repair service ensures that malfunctions are swiftly resolved, to keep downtime to a minimum. We know that the sudden failure of even the smallest component can bring complex systems to an unexpected standstill and threaten the productivity of your company. For this reason, we repair your equipment - regardless of which brand - as quickly as possible - either at your premises or in your local repair centre.


On the safe side. From the very beginning.

Our experience for your safety. Our service team is a competent and experienced partner for the professional commissioning of your crane installations and components to meet the needs of your schedule.

On-call standby

Demag on-call standby provides maximum availability of your equipment. In the event of crane or component failure, the priority is to ensure a timely and safe repair, minimising costly production downtime and restoring equipment to maximum productivity.

Demag Service Platform

Professional Equipment Management

Your installations at a glance – at any time or place with our Demag Service Platform. As your equipment becomes more complex and grows in size, you tend to face more challenges in managing it, for example keeping track of maintenance intervals for different equipment and performing compulsory safety checks and inspections, as required by law. The consequences of failing to do so could have a large impact.

Without professional equipment management, it would be difficult to maintain an overview of your equipment, co-ordinate schedules, ensure an efficient flow of information and analyze safety-related events.

Inspections of load handling attachments and lifting accessories

From factory repairs to inspections

Although they are in constant use, load handling attachments and lifting accessories are frequently taken for granted. However, minor or even invisible damage can have a considerable impact on safety. For this reason, this equipment must be in perfect working condition at all times – and regular inspections are essential.