A question of quality grades.

Chain slings

A question of quality grades. Chain slings are the classic and widely used load handling attachment for a wide variety of lifting applications. They feature flexibility and extremely high durability. Their relatively high deadweight is offset by the use of improved materials with maximum strength.

We offer complete chain slings and components in quality grades 100 and 120. Our broad range of chain slings also includes grade 80 components as well as corresponding accessories and spare parts.

Our chain slings are made to order according to your requirements and supplied with complete identification tags and documentation.

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

Grade 100 chain slings

  • 25% higher load capacity than grade 8 enables smaller chain dimensions to be employed
  • Cost savings (up to 30%) and weight savings (up to 50%)
  • Longer service life thanks to higher strength
  • Any possible combination of the components in our catalogue can be assembled
  • Also available as round sling harnesses

Grade 120 chain slings

  • Maximum durability for low deadweight thanks to
  • Intelligent chain profile and use of high-performance chain steel
  • Optimum strength and durability at high and low temperatures
  • Longer service life
  • Fewer failures due to wear
  • Lower weight per tonne of load capacity
  • Simple visual identification

Grade 80 chain slings

  • Reliable inspection and repair of your existing grade 8 chain slings
  • Advice on the configuration of additional chain slings
  • Refurbishment of existing chain slings
  • Supply of matching spare parts