Precise positioning

KBK cranes for manipulators

Ergonomic and efficient

Our KBK manipulator cranes are an oustanding example for the versatility of our KBK light crane system. They can be designed to meet the exact needs of a wide variety of loads, processes and production conditions. They reliably accommodate kick-up forces with great positioning accuracy – and at high operating speeds. Further strengths include:

  • optimum positioning of workpieces and sub-assemblies into the most favourable positions for the relevant process
  • workplaces, machinery and installations can be served from alsmost any direction
  • installations can be built with steel or aluminium profile sections.

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Niki Mizen

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

Efficient workplace design

  • Optimum ergonomic load handling
  • High operating speeds
  • Optimum positioning of workpieces and sub-assemblies
  • Range can be increased by performing operations also outside the suspension area
  • Also available with KBK Aluline for even lower deadweight

Simple upgrade

  • Existing KBK double-girder suspension cranes can be converted into manipulator cranes using KBK ergo components