Tailored component packages for crane installations

Crane Kits

Components Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Demag crane kits guarantee maximum quality, efficiency and reliability. They are based on standardized components for a wide variety of specific application configurations. All of our component packages for crane installations reflect our decades of expertise in all aspects of crane design. You benefit from decisive advantages such as:

  • Complete packages of components tailored to meet specific needs for single- and double-girder overhead traveling cranes and suspension cranes
  • Component packages for single and double crab operation
  • Hoists designed to meet application requirements, including Demag rope and chain hoists
  • Optimum combination options
  • A user-friendly assembly based on the plug-and-play principle
  • High safety, reliability and efficiency

Some of our crane kit options include:

  • Single overhead traveling crane kits
  • Single overhead suspension crane kits
  • Double overhead traveling crane kits

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Crane Kit Product Information

The Benefits of Our Crane Kits at a Glance

You can benefit from our crane sets in a wide variety of ways, utilizing them in diverse applications.

End Carriages and Travel Units

  • High rigidity
  • Torsionally rigid, enclosed box-section profile (reinforced connection, welded diaphragm plate)
  • Engineering tolerances in the crane girder connection area
  • Optimum travel characteristics thanks to precise travel wheel axle arrangement and exact adjustment of the crane span dimension
  • Low wear
  • Maintenance-free travel drives thanks to anti-friction bearings lubricated for life and travel wheels made of spheroidal-graphite cast iron


  • High handling rates, high efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Small approach dimensions
  • Large hook path
  • Optimum utilization of building space and height
  • Low-sway transport and gentle positioning thanks to variable travel and lifting speeds
  • Safe, reliable, and convenient operation

Power Supply

  • DCL-Pro compact conductor line for up to seven poles and screw-type connections
  • Reliable power supply for a long service life 
  • Minimizes unscheduled downtimes
  • Pre-completed sub-assemblies
  • Easy assembly
  • Simple replacement of the current collector trolley or entire straight sections
  • Optimum ease of maintenance
  • High protection against accidental contact with sealing lip and integrated expansion compensation (IP 23, IP 24)
  • Maximum safety
  • Power supply to trolleys via pre-assembled trailing cable system
  • Energy chain power supply option for radio-controlled cranes

Control System

  • Ergonomically optimized control units
  • Safe, fatigue-free handling
  • DLC control pendant (suspended by cable for separate travel on the crane girder)
  • DRC-MP radio control with optional handheld transmitter with proportional pushbuttons or joystick transmitter units
  • All transmitters feature variable frequency radio operation for interference-free transmission and reception

Plug-and-Play Connections with Our Crane Kits

If you want to produce a girder locally to remove the high shipping cost that comes with delivery outside your geographic area, our crane kits are ideal because they can be tailored to the girder of your choice.

Our crane kit packages provide the high quality and reliable operation our customers expect from Demag Cranes while offering diverse component options.

As noted above, our crane kit component packages for crane installations can be tailored to the specifics of your single-girder, double-girder, or suspension cranes. For more information on our crane kits, you can contact your local Demag dealer.