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DSE control pendants

Safely control simply everything

DSE-10 control pendant enables ergonomic control of  hoists and machinery. These wire-connected units are used for controlling DC chain hoists and DR rope hoists in applications with up to three motion axis. To address these needs, we supply DSE-10 control pendants for two different control technologies:

  • DSE-10C/CS: control pendants to control DC chain hoists, traveling hoists and cranes with an innovative 'triState' interface
  • Available with 2-stage pushbuttons (C) or with variable pushbuttons (type CS)
  • DSE-10R: control pendants with a CAN bus interface prepared for safely controlling DMR rope hoists, traveling hoists and DMR cranes that are fitted with CAN bus-based safety control.

Both models offer excellent features, such as:

  • Ergonomic control pendant designed for safe and easy operation
  • Housing that is highly resistant to impacts
  • Comprehensive accessories for operation in harsh environments and protection against fluids

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

  • Operators can work in a natural, comfortable posture
  • Easy, fatigue-free operation thanks to the favorable ergonomic design
  • Highly impact-resistant housing made of high-quality thermoplastic
  • Additional improved resistance to impacts thanks to an elastic cover (bumper)
  • Optional silicone sleeve for protection against abrasive substances and aggressive chemicals
  • High functional reliability thanks to non-flammable, climate and corrosion-proof housing
  • Housing material resistant to fuels, salt water, grease, oils and lyes
  • Various cable types available
  • Support sleeve with bayonet connection and cable collector for variable adjustment of the cable length
  • Alternatively: 2TY cable with vulcanized strain relief cords
  • 2-stage pushbuttons or variable pushbuttons for particularly smooth control of variable-speed drive solutions

Technical data

DSE-10C/CS control pendant

  • No internal wiring required in the pendant due PCB  which has a central connection (plug connection)
  • The housing is made of high-quality, thermoplastic which is extremely resistant to impact
  • Protective insulation to VDE 0100 part 410, section 6.2
  • Switching distances and forces to DIN 33 401, holding force < 8 N
  • IP 65 enclosure to DIN VDE 0470 T.1 and EN 60 529 as standard
  • The housing is non-flammable, climate and corrosion-proof
  • Resistant to fuels, salt water, grease, oils and alkaline solutions
  • Optional accessory: close-fitting silicone sheath to protect against moisture and abrasive materials
  • Complete DSE-10C/CS control pendants with part numbers are provided with pre-defined symbols
  • Symbols: self-adhesive labels that are resistant to abrasion. Arrow symbols correspond to FEM and ISO 15012

DSE-10R control pendant

  • To control DR rope hoists via CAN bus interface
  • Housing characteristics and design as for DSE-10C/CS
  • DSE-10R variants fitted with 2-stage pushbuttons or variable pushbuttons for precisely controlling inverter-fed drives  
  • Infrared interface for service work
  • Integrated display to show operating and service data, e.g.
    • Load display incl. load-proportional bar display
    • Load reduction display
    • Display of switching statuses of universal outputs
    • Trolley/crane selection display
    • Service interval
    • Safety function
  • Additional comprehensive information menu (e.g. remaining service life, basic hoist data, error memory)