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Demag drives move large glass wall panels

Demag DRS wheel blocks and ZBA brake motors move large glass wall panels at Las Vegas


Vision is a key element to any architectural design. The new Las Vegas stadium design includes parastyle, lanai doors that face north to the Las Vegas Strip. These massive lanai doors were built and installed by Enclos Kinetics, one of the largest specialty design-build contractors in the world. They called on Demag Cranes & Components products to help move these heavy doors.


The massive parastyle, lanai doors on the Las Vegas stadium are comprised of 6 large glass wall panels approximately 17 meters by 24 meters high, weighing approximately 44 tonnes each. They are designed so that four of the 6 panels slide horizontally, storing behind the fixed panel on each side. Enclos knew that moving these panels required the right wheel and motor solution. 

Feel the Las Vegas strip

The doors would be opening and closing frequently to create a view of the Las Vegas Strip while enjoying a game of American football or an event. The audience might think that the stadium is located directly on the famous Las Vegas Strip. To secure this highlight of the stadium, the solution to move the panels needed to be reliable and easily serviced, while having ample access to any spare and replacement parts when needed. The solution needed to take all of this into consideration along with an excellent cost value. Demag’s drive product solutions fit these needs. 


Enclos worked with Demag sales engineers to determine the best possible solution to move these heavy doors. The job was a complete custom design to move the massive 17 meters wide by 24 meters high, approximately 44 tonnes glass panels. To move the four 44 tonnes panels, the solution included Demag DRS500 wheel blocks and W-gearboxes matched with a Demag ZBA brake motor. Each panel uses two Demag DRS500 Wheel Blocks with W gears that run on 79 kg per yard hardened steel rails, travelling approximately 100 metres. To drive the doors, the Demag ZBA brake motor with 1.8-kilowatt, 460 volt is direct-coupled to the DRS wheel block through a Demag 258:1 reduction high efficiency gear reducer.

Demag drives to fit the needs

Demag DRS500 wheel blocks are used for the heaviest loads. With standard, off-the-shelf wheel shapes or customized designs, Demag travel wheels can ensure a reliable and high performing solution for nearly any travel rail or operating condition. Designed to be modular, matched solutions with Demag motors, assembly and installation is simple. Wheels are designed to minimize maintenance and make replacement simple.

“Knowing the Demag solution was designed for easy maintenance was key to this project. If a solution was presented that was going to take herculean effort to maintain, it wasn’t going to fit the job,” said John Lanari, PE of Enclos.

Demag’s ZBA brake motors are perfectly matched with our range of gearboxes for the highest efficiency. The ZBA motor is robust for the best possible drive efficiency and ideal for start / stop applications. 

“The design of the Demag wheel system, which includes the ZBA brake motor, has always been ideal for applications like the lanai doors at the stadium because it provides safe and reliable braking. Let’s face it, you need to be able to stop a 44 tonnes door efficiently and our ZBA series motors can do that every time.” Summed up by Brian Stephens, Product Manager for Demag Handling Technologies.

Solutions for moving heavy loads, like the heavy lanai doors on the Las Vegas stadium, need to meet the requirements of the project. Demag has the expertise and the products to partner with creators like Enclos Kinetics to build safe, reliable and efficient solutions. Demag looks forward to continuing their partnership with Enclos Kinetics into the future.


The Demag DRS wheel block system is a versatile travel wheel system with eight sizes with load capacities up to 40 tonnes per wheel. The wheel blocks offer high-quality housing with optimum protection of the travel wheels and bearings as well as high rigidity. They are prepared to mount surfaces for virtually any connection: from top and end connection arrangements with bolted and welded connection elements, to side and pin connection arrangements.

Demag ZBA brake motors have a strong motor output up to 45 kW and are designed for travel applications with inverters. Braking performance can be optimized through a wide range of options to customize the motor to your needs. Specific brake torques are finely graded by utilizing different spring strengths and quantities, and available from 0.9 to 680 Nm. Various control modules for switching times to match application requirements such as big and heavy doors for an architectural masterpiece as the stadium in Las Vegas.  

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