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Very Fast Lift Speeds as Standard with the Demag DMR Wire Rope Hoist

Very fast lifting speeds are needed for a variety of reasons in a wide range of industries. These high lifting speeds can help make operations more efficient, especially when an operator must make a very long lift. Faster lifting can allow for more lifts within a period of time. When you need a wire rope hoist with very fast lifting speeds, the Demag DMR wire rope hoist can deliver.

Demag DMR wire rope hoist equipped with fast lifting speeds and VFC

The DMR wire rope hoist was designed to be safe and flexible to meet a wide range of needs in your operations. Many capabilities of the DMR are available as standard. You can even add additional options to meet your specific lifting needs. In the EK configuration, the EK-DMR models 3-10 are available with fast, full load lifting speed up to 41 feet per minute with integrated controls on-board with trolley. This means you can have VFC control, or variable frequency control, to meet your very fast lift speed needs.

When you need even faster lifting speeds, ProHub can increase lifting speed up to 50% if the capacity of the load is 30% or lower of the rated capacity of the hoist. This option can make additional lifting processes more efficient using the same hoist. The DMR wire rope hoist is available with lift speeds up to 41 feet per minute as a standard option so you don’t need to find a custom solution. Read more about this option on the blog and reach out to one of our experts to talk about your needs.

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