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Tandem Wire Rope Hoist Lifting – Synchronized Hoists for Long, Awkward Loads

Heavy, long products can be effectively lifted with two wire rope hoists, or tandem hoists. This means that two wire rope hoists are synchronized to lift and travel at the same speed. Lifting a long product with two hoists can minimize product damage and prevent drops. Synchronizing two hoists allows for efficient travel for lifting, moving, and lowering this type of awkward load.

Whether you are lifting these loads in the wood products, metals warehousing, precast concrete or prestressed concrete industries, understanding your lifting processes is critical. Lifting long, awkward shaped loads overhead can be accomplished with tandem lifting using two wire rope hoists and trolleys. Using two hoists and trolleys makes lifting safer for long, awkwardly shaped products.

Demag double v-girder crane with 2 wire rope hoists synchronized to lift and transport a long load on one crane.

When two hoists lift on one crane girder, this allows your operations to lift with one hoist or both, adding flexibility for your operations. Synchronizing hoists on two different crane girders allows for dual hoist lifting. This allows operators to use two overhead cranes and hoists independently and together for lifting processes. Whichever solution fits your needs, the wire rope hoists can be synchronized through programming on the radio control for lifting, moving, and lowering large and awkward loads for tandem lifting.

Two Demag V-Girder single girder cranes with synchronized wire rope hoists to transport a large concrete panel

Synchronous control with a radio allows these hoists to lift, travel, and lower at the same speed. Demag wire rope hoists equipped with SafeControl, or CANBUS control, can be easily programmed for tandem, synchronized lifting of awkward loads. When contactor controlled wire rope hoists are used for synchronized lifting, both hoists need to be identical. Commonly, these wire rope hoists are VFC control (variable frequency control), but it can also be accomplished on 2-speed hoists.

Lifting heavy, long products requires a special solution. Tandem wire rope hoist lifting can be accomplished on contactor controlled and SafeControl hoists. Remember, partnering with an experienced crane manufacturer and dealer will make sure your solution will meet your operational needs. Find a Demag dealer in the US and Canada near you!

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