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When you need to lift up to 16 tons, a Demag single girder crane can offer safe, reliable lifting to meet your process needs. Demag is the only crane company that can offer you the option of 3 different girder types. In addition to box and beam girders, the V-Girder can cut the deadweight by an average of 17% compared to conventional box girders. The V-shaped structure is specially designed to accommodate pressure and tensile forces.

A single girder crane designed by Demag is reliable and safe. Our team of experts and expert authorized dealers will work with you to determine the best solution for you. Demag cranes are flexible to meet your needs and preferences. Our cranes can be tailored for use whether the project is simple or complicated. If your application is continuous use or in an extreme environment, Demag has the experience and expertise to design a crane to meet these needs. Demag cranes can use a variety of controls, from basic 2-speed contactor control to variable speed applications, and you can even specify your preferred radio control vendor for your design. Cranes sold in the USA and Canada are designed to meet CMAA standards and specifications. Paired with a Demag DMR wire rope hoist or the DH wire rope hoist, your single girder crane can be configured to meet your unique needs in any industry.

Demag cranes have helped customers in the wood product and veneer industry, metal and paper coil and tube handling, die movements in plastic injection molding, and many other fabrication industries where precise, reliable lifting is needed. Whether you need a 5 ton crane, 10 ton crane, 15 ton crane, or anything in between, see what Demag can offer. Read more about how our cranes have helped our customers in our case studies and reach out to us to discuss your next project!

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