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Precise, Reliable Drive Technology Components for Furnace Transfer Cars

Transfer cars play a critical role in transporting materials within industrial furnace operations, found in steel mills, foundries, and heat treatment facilities. These cars are designed to transport heavy loads, withstand high temperatures, and operate reliably in harsh environments. Accuracy and positioning are key aspects when designing a transfer car that travels along a guideway system. The design of transfer cars for industrial furnace applications requires careful consideration of the overall layout and space constraints of the production facility, including the size and shape of the transfer car itself.

Demag Drive Technology used on a transfer car for metals.


The precise movement of materials is essential to ensure efficient heating and processing of the materials. Accurate positioning is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the materials being transferred and preventing damage to the furnace or other equipment. One of the key aspects of designing a transfer car with high accuracy and positioning is selecting the appropriate drive system. The drive system is responsible for moving the transfer car along the guideway system.

Electric AC induction motors, or gear motors, are commonly used in these applications due to their precision, speed, and ease of integration into motion control components and automation. These motors can have an integrated mechanical brake. Demag offers motor and gear motor solutions to meet your requirements.

Demag motor and gearbox offering

Uni-directional travel wheels transport the car to the different points in the production process. The wheels themselves can be matched to your requirements including the material that runs on the rail and whether your application requires flanges. Wheels are available from many manufacturers, and you can create a wheel and bearing solution that will work for you. Demag provides complete wheel block assemblies, meaning the wheel, bearings, and housing come in one easy-to-install unit. Learn more about Demag Uni-Lateral wheel block systems for easy installation and maintenance.

Demag Drive Technology solution showing all components


Choose a drive technology solution that is engineered to work together so you can save a lot of time and energy. When using multiple suppliers, you need to assure all the components will work together and assure engineering spec of each meets your needs. When modular components are used and engineered to work together, you can be assured all the components will work together and the engineering spec of each component meets your needs.

By carefully selecting appropriate travel components, accounting for the harsh operating environment, and considering space constraints, you can engineer a well-designed transfer car solution to meet the specific needs of industrial furnace applications. Reach out to our experts to learn about how Demag Drive Technology products can meet your precision and reliability needs for a furnace car.

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