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Hardware Components to Drive Your Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) Solution

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) found in distribution and manufacturing facilities enhance accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. These systems save floor space in distribution and manufacturing facilities by using large areas of shelving that do not require the use of forklifts and lift trucks. Demag manufactures hardware components to meet both standard and custom requirements of AS/RS systems you design.

Uni-Directional Industrial Wheels

Since many AS/RS systems run along a track, industrial wheels are an important component. These wheels are uni-directional, meaning they only go forward and backward, no 360° movement. Most of all, these wheels should support the capacities of the loads and be matched to the environment in which they operate. In addition, they should require little maintenance and have a long, reliable life cycle.

Demag wheel block systems- DRS, DRS-M, RS, LRS, and DWS wheel sets

Demag industrial wheel block systems can be matched to your capacity and environmental requirements. These wheels are designed to be easy to install, maintain, and replace.

Industrial AC Induction Gear Motors

Gear motors translate speed to the wheel on the unit, carousel, or bin using a gearbox interface between the motor and the wheel spline. These industrial motors are an AC induction motor in models to meet the capacity, speed, and braking needs of your AS/RS solution. Generally, a cylindrical rotor motor with an external brake will be found in AS/RS solutions. If requirements become more extreme, a conical rotor motor with mechanical braking may be required.

Demag gear motors are available as cylindrical rotor and conical rotor motors. Z cylindrical motors have an external brake and is ideal for solutions requiring VFD. K conical rotor motors have a mechanical brake and can be an ideal solution for use in extreme environments. Both AC induction motor types can deliver a wide variety of speed and torque requirements.

Carriage of an AS/RS system being loaded with a bin. Carriage has Demag AC induction motors and wheel system installed on the yellow carriage.

Complete Hardware Systems for AS/RS Systems

When you are building standard or customized AS/RS systems for your customers, see what Demag can offer. Our Drives components include industrial wheel block systems, geared motors, electrification and more to create an entire drive system. These modular components are designed to work together so you can be assured of compatibility.

Since AS/RS systems and overhead cranes commonly work hand-in-hand, Demag can deliver a full solution as an overhead lifting specialist. Whether you need a traditional overhead crane with a girder and wire rope hoist or reliable, efficient components for a stacker crane, count on Demag lifting components.

See what Demag components can do for your next AS/RS design challenge! Download the AS/RS brochure below and  contact us to discuss your requirements.

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